Family Reunions

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Everyone just stared in shock, here is the girl that's been missing for years. She was staring at the man in all black. He has a scar like on his jaw, in the exact same place a Bruce. Hmm, I'll check into that in a bit. Percy thinks to herself.

"We are the Justice League." Flash says, trying not to fall in love with the woman's good looks, he has Iris, he's good.

"Umm, the what now?" She asked.

"Umm, Fish Brain, the Justice League is a group of people with powers or abilities. They came together about what, five six years ago?" Leo Asked Jason, said guy nods. "Anywho, they have been dealing with saving the world since you vanished. It has been nice not having to save the world." Leo muttered.

"Umm, Leo, you do realize that I have more right to say that than you, right?" Percy asked him, sass and sarcasm dripping from her voice. Bruce then wanted to cry, this-this was his Percy.

"Daughter, I want you to stay with me in Atlantis. Until you're fully better, and so that we can have family time. Amphrite, Triton, and Tyson have missed you dearly dear."

"Oh my gods! Tyson!! We have to go right now, I need to see that big guy. Oh, and Chiron! I guess I can see Dramma Queen, but that's if I feel up to dodging lightning. Definitely gonna go to camp, but Umm, dad, what about mom?"

"Sorry dear, she's still alive. Don't worry, just not in good shape. There was a car crash, Paul didn't make it, but you Mother is still hanging on. For you, so, we shall visit her tomorrow. Or whenever we think your ready to come back up here."

"Ok fine." Percy says. She hugged all her friends and Cousins, then went to her dad. She put her hand in his, they walked into the surf, but then the JLA stopped them.

"Wait, you can't breath underwater?!? You're not Atlantian!" Kid Flash Said.

"No, I'm not Atlantian, but I'm fine the seas are my playground. Right dad?"

"Yes Princess, my daughter is a capable woman. She is also the princess of the seas, so I suggest you take Orion and Kaldera'am's lead, let us be." The team and League then noticed how the Atlantian s where just off to the side.

"Wait, that's Arthur?!? Damn, he got big. Daddy, can he please come with us? His partner to? I want to catch up with my nephew."

"Nephew?!??" The JLA members yelled, in pure shock.

"I suppose so sweetheart, now come on. It's time to get you home." Percy nods, as she dives into the water, her father flashing away, and the Atlantic people dive in after her.

"Wonder Woman, we have to debrief you and these people at the cave."

"No, Batman, just give them access to the system. Trust me, they could help better train the team."

"What makes you think they are better than Canary?" Icon asks, purely from curiosity.

"Umm, let me see. They've been through two wars, before being legal adults. Been doing this since they where what? Like nine?"

"I was seven."

"Umm since I was a baby."

"Ten years ago, with a war."


"So, Young, and then they have to constantly battle to stay alive. Trust me, I get it easy, these also are the most powerful members of my family. Also, the oldest. They have lived longer than most tend to do, so, I think they are food."

"Ok, but if this backfires."

"It won't happen."

"Unless a stupid Eodin possesses us again, stupid Kansas, stupid Mother Earth, dirt face trash."

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