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"lets get going boys!" i yelled then they rushed down when we got outside i saw a limo! Am i really gonna ride this? This is like ERMAHGHERD! Ahh!

Then i sat at the back then the boys follow. My phine rang well its hal again i answered it


Hal:where are you?

Me:on the way!


Me:okay we-

Then he hung up.... What a nice guy! Are they really serious like dafuq? Its like 7:30! And the interview starts on 9:00 seriously?!

When we arrived we walked straight to their dressing rooms when theyre done they came out looking like sex gods! They look hot! HOLY FLACKING MONKEY BANANAS!

Then the interview started

Lady:good morning viewers! We are here with onedirection!

A loud applause filled the room its loud enough to make your ears bleed

Lady:well hello boys! It looks like you had an amazing journey with each other!

Zayn:yes and we enjoyed fans aswell

Then blah blah blah about music then like that and that

Lady:i think any girl in this world wanna know if your single or not! Well lets start with louis

Louis:im dating eleanor

Lady:how about you liam?

Liam:im dating daniell

Lady:ooohh! How about you zayn?

Zayn:perrie.. Im dating her


Harry:im not dating someone but i have a crush shes hot,sexy has hazelnut eyes and chocolate brown hair

Lady:whats her name?

Harry:its a secret!

Lady:well thats fine now lets move to niall are you dating someone?

Niall:no... Only a crush! Probably shes the most pretiest girl i have ever set eyes on

Lady:and who's this special lady?



Who is that girl? Well stay tuned for updates

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