Chapter eleven

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Chapter 11.




I couldn't believe what I was hearing. When I was told, I stared at the doctor with a blank expression. As I am doing right now. One of the doctors were female. Red curly hair with freckles to add. Her green eyes were dull and dark, wasn't appealing. Maybe I was trashing them because I was hurt by what she said to me. She was almost as tall as the man beside her. The other doctor. He had black with grey hair coming through it which made it look like highlights. Mid forties I would say. He didn't have a freckle on him with dark, dark eyes. Black almost. "You what?"

"It will be the forth week next week, which adds to a month. Alexa I know this is hard, but we are strongly sugessting to say your goodbyes to him. There has been no good responses since the car crash, and he's not getting better." She spoke to me calm, but nearvously looking around the room. "Let's put him out of his misery and let him be at peace. He's in pain and he's suffering."

"Stop!" I screamed suddenly, making the two doctors wince, and some elderly in the hallway that was walking by. I didn't even know what to say. My mind was screaming to tell them to keep him going but my heart was racing to tell me to let him go. I was being torn into two different directions and I couldn't think. I can't think about this right now. Though I do have to say, that I felt in power when I wasn't even family, and it was my decision for Kayden's future. But now that I have the power, I want to throw it back into their faces.

I stormed away from the building and ran outside. Once I was out, I ran down the street, getting looks from random people. "Ouch!" Escaped my mouth when I felt the cement ground hit my ass. "What was that for..." I mumbled, looking up to see who I should have expected. Mike.

"Sorry Alexa." He said sheepishly. "Wasn't paying attention..." He blushed.

I stood up, not taking the hand that was extended for me to grab. "Oh hey, cliche. Well I got to go... Bye." I said and was about to run again but I felt something wrap around my wrist. I was shocked. I guess I wasn't used to it, because every time I go to grab Kayden, I have to grab his hand because his wrist was too sensitive and he hated when people touched it. "What-"

"Why are you crying." He demanded as if it wasn't a question.

I snatched my hand back and stared at him. "This isn't your business, so stop trying to make it yours." I snapped, by this time, random bystanders were watching, listening in to our conversation.

He looked at the ground, then back to my face. "I'm trying to help you and you're pushing me away!" He snapped back at me. Unlike Kayden, I wasn't scared.

"I officially met you, what... Yesterday? I'm not going to tell you my business and what's going on with him or me. So go the fuck away!" He was like a puppy, but this puppy was getting me angry. Like it chewed on the damn sofa!

Mike took a step closer to me, trying to get me to step back though it didn't work. "What if he doesn't make it. Huh?! What friends are you gonna have now then! I'm trying to be here for you and be your friend."

"Seems like you want a little more then friendship. Mike you're a football player, go get a cheerleader and leave the dark princess alone." I said, confident. With that, leaving him completely lost of words, I left. Walked away instead of running like I didn't need to get somewhere anymore. I never had to get somewhere, I just needed to get away from there. Kill my best friend... Let him suffer... I hate my life!


Searching through the fridge of my new home that belonged to my best friend, I figured that I forgot to go shopping. "Fuck!" I screamed, completely pissed off at everything today. No food in the house, a puppy chewing on it's furniture for affection, having the biggest decision in my life and now my phones buzzing! "My phone!" I ran over to the couch, leaving the fridge open wide.