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Celestine stood at the center of the magnificent ballroom while surrounded by hundreds of wealthy and noble crowd. She's wearing a white tutu dress that stops above her knee paired with a white pointe shoes. Her hair was put into a lace braided bun and she's wearing a light make-up. Her beauty, as they say, is beyond description.

As the music began to play, Celestine started moving her body sensuously and deliberately bewitching the crowd surrounding her. They can't seem to get their eyes off of her. Her fiancé, on the other hand, just stared at her with a stoic expression on his face. Today is Kyrios' twenty-eighth birthday. Celestine's so called 'in-laws' forced her two weeks ago to perform a ballet dance for him. She has no other choice but to comply despite her disapproval.

In her previous life, they only have four types of dances: Circle dance, Court dance, Line dance, and Country dance. She had mastered each of this dances but when it comes to ballet dancing, she doesn't even have any idea about it.

For two hellish weeks, without much sleep and rest, Celestine practiced ballet dancing. It was very difficult for her because she also has to attend royal lessons in the palace with the Empress Dowager's assistant and private secretary. Fortunately, the owner's body has the natural grace of a born dancer or else she would have gave up trying two weeks ago.

Just as the music reached its end, Celestine bowed elegantly. The crowd applauded and praised her but she ignored them as she exited the suffocating room.

After changing her clothes, she walked back towards the ballroom where the party is currently held. She now wore a simple knee-length, black dress paired with a pair of black, three-inch stiletto shoes. The moment the two guards opened the gigantic door for her, all eyes turned on her direction. The crowd started whispering with each other while her parents and fiancé looked at her in disapproval but she just ignored them. Well, no one can blame them, though. The theme for this party is red and white, not black.

Black symbolizes Celestine's grief and sorrow towards her approaching wedding with Kyrios which will be two days from now. She sighed as she looked around her. Most of the male population eyed her with lust while women looked at her with jealousy. How pitiful!

Women wore clothes that are far too revealing as if they are women in a brothel. Men are also busy boasting their riches, each comparing who is far more wealthy than the other. She heaved a sigh unhappily. This is a birthday party, not a competition.

She went to the balcony to breathe fresh air. The smell inside was too much for her sensitive nose. She looked at the stars above the sky while sighing once again. Past memories flashed on her mind uncontrollably as she closed her eyes. "What are you doing here, Celestine?"

Celestine hastily turned her head towards the source of the voice. It was Prince Gray Lionheart, Kyrios' paternal first cousin. She smirked. "I could ask the same thing to you, Your highness."

Gray grinned and sat on the bench with a backrest located at the center of the balcony. Like Kyrios, Gray also has crimson hair. His eyes were gray though. "It's boring inside. Women keeps on flirting with me so I decided to come here too. You wouldn't mind, right?"

Celestine shook her head and said no. She sat on the bench beside Gray. "You are quite popular this days, Cel. They can't seem to accept the fact that you are to be married with the Emperor. Can't blame them, though." Gray said while looking at her in pity.

Celestine remained quiet for a while as she looked at the moon with deep sadness apparent in her eyes. When their engagement was announced to the public few months ago, it caused an uproar among the citizens. Some started bashing and calling her names but she just shrugged it off. She can't really stop the rumors from spreading and she can't change their minds as well. The pair turned their head to the full glass, double-door when it suddenly opened. There stood Kyrios with a frown plastered on his face.

"What are you both doing here?" He asked the pair while looking at them with displeasure. Gray stood up while grinning. "Just talking about your upcoming wedding, Kyrios. Being the best man for the first time is not easy, you know." He lied immediately seeing the murderous look Kyrios is giving him. "I'll go now." He patted Kyrios shoulder before looking at Celestine with a smile.

Celestine watched Gray's retreating back with a confused look on her face. Why did Gray lied to Kyrios? Surely, they did not talk about the wedding at all.

Kyrios' voice stopped Celestine's train of thoughts. "Let's go back inside." Celestine nodded and followed behind Kyrios.


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