50 - Jen

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She took an Uber home. She could have called her father or Megan, but it was late and she didn't want to explain it to anyone that night. She did text Sterling that she had a family emergency and would be gone the week. She had multiple text and calls from both Sterling and Lexi which she ignored while with Alex. She texted Lexi much the same thing. She knew Lexi would wonder who it was. Did she even know Alex's name? They'd been paying Coastal Builders, not Alex directly, for the work he did on her Maine projects.

She entered their empty house and realized that she had never stayed without Alex. She thought about eating, but her stomach was in knots. Upstairs she saw he hadn't made the bed. She found one of his tee shirts put it on and climbed into Alex's side of the bed. It smelled like his soap and shampoo. In the dark room, she cried. She cried because she was scared. She loved him so much and she had never been so scared in her life. She picked up her phone and texted him, I love you.

He responded I know. We both need sleep.

Not sure I can, she replied.

It's going to be alright. I love you!

She slept very little in fits and spurts. She woke early and made coffee. She showered and dressed in her comfortable weekend clothes and debated stopping in to see her parents, but decided to head back to the hospital without seeing anyone.

Alex had bought a car for them so they didn't have to go out in the truck, but mostly for her so she could shop and do what she wanted. She gathered some things for Alex including his toothbrush, clothes, and shoes to wear home. She didn't see anyone she knew as she drove off The Point.

When she arrived at his room, she could tell he was frustrated. She felt him relax as she kissed him. She asked him to move over and she climbed onto the bed on his left side. She felt the tight smooth skin just below his left shoulder. She realized that it would never be the same because after today he would have a scar and an outline of a small device under his beautiful skin. It wasn't that she cared that he would be less than perfect. She would love him if he was disfigured because her love for him ran deep inside.

"Are you scared?" she asked.

"I guess. I've never had surgery. I have never been tied to a bed for this long. Last night was the longest night of my life," he confessed.

"I know. I kept thinking the phone would ring telling me your heart stopped. I know that you'd be fine because you're here, but I've been so afraid. I still am," she had never felt so vulnerable in her life.

"I'm not going anywhere. We are getting married in September and we're going to have babies and grow old together," Alex said and Jen believed him because she trusted him completely.

They were interrupted by a light knock on the doorframe. "I thought this was a private room?" the new arrival teased.

Alex said, "Nick! What are you doing here?"

Jen jumped up embarrassed being caught in bed with Alex. She assumed Alex's friend was a doctor because he had a hospital badge and stethoscope.

"Last I knew I was your doctor even though you spend all your time at the coast and never come see me. I have to say I was surprised to see your admission."

"This thing's going to okay, right? I trust you, Nick."

"It will be. I have plenty of other patients with ICDs." He turned from Alex to me and said, "I'm Nick Burke."

Alex exclaimed, "This is Jen, my fiance."

He shook hands with me. He had kind eyes and probably turned a lot of nurses heads.

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