48 - Alex/ Jen

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Their house was lonely during the week without Jen. Still, he was busy building a custom home and had two renovations.

In March some lumber fell on his left hand. He'd had plenty of accidents through the years. He knew enough that something was probably broken. He got a ride to the emergency room. Despite the pain, he felt a surge of joy as he answered Jennifer Dixon as his contact person. He even gave her cell phone and office number. In the past, he would have given his mother's information and that was plain sad at over thirty years old.

He went through the drill of x-rays and then the orthopedic came in. He explained that he had a break and would need a cast. Alex wasn't surprised. He did, however, feel awkward because he knew the doctor. Finally, he said, "You're married to Cara."

"Have we met?" he asked looking again at Alex's name.

He answered, "I'm Kate's brother."

It was like bells went off in his brain and he said, "Oh! The old boyfriend. I think I owe you some gratitude because you let her go and she found me."

"I let her go because she wasn't mine. We all have someone special and I didn't know it at eighteen, but we weren't really that person for each other," Alex said thinking his someone special was entered in his hospital registration data. He also decided that he would enjoy her sympathy when she came home on Friday.

Stuck at the hospital without his truck, he called Peter to come to get him. That resulted in both Megan and Kristi looking after him until Jen came home.

 That resulted in both Megan and Kristi looking after him until Jen came home

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April came and brought spring to Manhattan. At home, the weather was still deciding what season it was. Jen marveled at how her life had changed. She and Alex were just becoming friends a year ago. Now their wedding was planned. She and Avery and Megan had their dresses. Alex's hand was on the mend and out of the cast. She noticed he did like to get sympathy but wasn't a baby about his injury. Sterling would be. She had to stop comparing. The result was there was no comparison Alex won every time.

She always found Mondays difficult because she missed Alex more having just been with him. She liked to be busy at clients on Monday so she could keep her mind off him. Tuesdays were hard, but by Wednesday, Friday was just around the corner. Some Fridays she worked at home which met that she flew out on Thursday night. Sometimes she told Sterling where she was going other times she didn't. He had no idea that she was gone every weekend. It took him months before Sterling found out she wasn't living with Avery any longer.

One week in mid-April Jen worked in the office both Monday and Tuesday. By lunch, on Tuesday she was in a mood. She was working on a big job when Lexi came rushing in and said, "A call. It's some hospital about someone...emergency contact..."

Jen felt her stomach turn and was lightheaded as she grabbed the phone. The caller identified herself from Maine Medical Center and said that Alex had been brought in unconscious and although he was conscious they didn't know what caused it. She remembered saying she'd be there as soon as she could. She threw things in her bag and shouted to Lexi, "I have to go. It's an emergency. Cancel all my appointments this week."

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