47 - Jen/ Alex/ Jen

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They settled into a routine, not that being away from each other all week was considered routine. Jen was extremely busy in the fall leading up to the holiday season. Many of their wealthiest clients hired them to decorate for the holidays. Jen sucked it up and worked with Trevor because she wanted to increase his expertise. His portfolio was expanding, but she was still in high demand.

Business virtually ceased from mid-December until New Years and Jen announced to Sterling that she would be out of town during that time. "Why would you want to leave New York at Christmas?" Sterling asked in disbelief.

"To be with my family and friends for the holidays," she responded. Of course, what she meant was to be with the man I love, but no one in New York other than Tom and Avery knew anything about her relationship with Alex.

She was very excited about her extended trip and best of all Alex had moved into the new house and she needed to furnish and decorate it. She said to Alex, "The boxes will start arriving."

This triggered their first discussion about money because Alex said that he should be paying for her purchases. Jen replied, "I can certainly afford to pay for my design."

"I know, but you keep paying for all those plane tickets and between the Thompson house and Higgins alone, I had an extremely successful year," he said to her.

"I thought finding me was your biggest success," Jen teased.

"I won't argue there," he said.

"Someday, I won't make nearly what I make now. The Portland market won't pay inflated Manhattan fees. You can support me then," she said.

"I wish that day was today," he said.

"I know, but I need more time," she said.

On her last day of work before the holidays, Sterling was annoyed that she was leaving. She assured him that she could be reached and would work while away. The office completely closed every year between Christmas and New Years and Jen was ecstatic not to be going to Georgia.

Alex was waiting for her and if she wasn't dragging a large suitcase she would have jumped into his arms. "Are you ready to go home?" he asked.

He drove to The Point and the minute he turned onto the street she saw the whole house was lit up with Christmas lights. "It's beautiful!" she exclaimed.

He had moved their meager possessions in and her box of kitchen things was waiting for her to put away. In the corner of the living room, he had a beautiful large undecorated tree.

"We really need furniture," he said.

"Just you wait," she assured him, "but first we need decorations for this tree. Did my packages arrive?"

One box contained an assortment of ornaments she ordered. She had been decorating trees for weeks, but this one was different. They decorated it together. Stopping to touch and kiss until they couldn't wait any longer and they retired to their new room for the first time.

Together they spent the time leading up to the holidays working on making their house a home. When they worked in the evening, they used their new office which was large enough for both. Jen wanted to stay and never leave, but she had obligations that she couldn't disregard. They arranged to spend Christmas Eve on The Point with Rick and Aliceincluding attending the annual open house hosted by the Evan's and Christmas with Alex's family. On Christmas Eve night after returning home, they sat together by the light of their tree. Jen had never had a happier holiday. Being with Alex was better than any dream.

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