45 - Sterling/ Alex

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How could Jennifer be so happy about the divorce? Wasn't she supposed to be sad? He worried what would happen now that she wasn't legally his wife. Dixon Designs was his life's work. Jennifer wanted a child; it frightened him that she would choose a baby over the company. The company was his baby and without Jennifer, it would all be gone.

Jennifer's off-handed comments bothered him. He didn't want her sleeping with other men. Men use women to get what they want without any concern for the women's feelings and Jennifer was not prepared for that. He had been keeping her safe as his wife. He knew because he had men use him like that in the past and how could he protect Jennifer when she was so secretive.

He couldn't understand why she kept running home all the time. She had friends in New York. After all, they had hundreds of clients that loved her. Perhaps it was just as well she wasn't splashing her beautiful face out in the New York social scene. He wanted people to think that she missed him.

Trevor, on the other hand, was thrilled with the divorce. He wanted to go out, but Sterling refused. Trevor was angry when he found out that Sterling never told and never planned to tell his parents about their relationship. His parents hated Jennifer and they would never accept him with another man. That was some fight that he and Trevor had. They've had others of course.

Jennifer walked in on an argument in The Hampton's. Trevor was upset that Sterling didn't want to do anything while Jennifer went to pick up Lexi, but that was nothing compared to the argument they had after Trevor witnessed that little scene that Jennifer made on the beach. The last real fight they had was after they both showed up at the office and Jennifer so rudely told Trevor that he had been sleeping with both of them at the same time. Trevor was irate with Sterling not only because Sterling brought him to the office knowing that Jennifer was going to be working, but also because he slept with his wife when he told Trevor that he wasn't. He didn't give into Jennifer often, but he had to keep his marriage going by giving his wife attention. Sterling still blamed Avery for ruining his marriage. If Jennifer had been out with her and hadn't caught them together, they would still be married and everyone would be happy. Well except maybe Trevor, but Sterling would not be worrying about the future of Dixon Designs like he was  constantly these days.

 Well except maybe Trevor, but Sterling would not be worrying about the future of Dixon Designs like he was  constantly these days

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Alex woke with one thought, it's Friday. He just had to work hard and at the end of the day, his reward would be arriving on a plane. He was getting his coffee when his phone rang. He was surprised to see his brother calling him. Tom started with hello and explanation about being busy. He said, "I'm sorry I haven't called much."

"Is everything fine with you and Avery," Alex asked.

"Yes, it's great. You and Jen?" Tom asked.

"We're great too. I'll see her tonight," he replied.

"Good. I just felt bad for not calling. I have to get to work. Bye."

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