44 - Alex/ Jen

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Work started on the house in mid-August. He had a large crew working so the upstairs went on quickly. The hardest part was that Jen wanted to see it, but she refused to visit her parents for a weekend. Just before Labor Day, Megan convinced her to come to stay with them.

"How is that going to help?" Alex asked.

"Megan doesn't care if I stay out all night," she said.

"Will your mother mind that you don't stay with her?" Alex asked.

"I hope not," Jen said.

Alex felt bad because he was relying on Jen to do all the traveling. He promised her that he'd come to see her in the fall.  He didn't want to think about winter weather and how it could affect them. Their weekends together were perfect. Never had he been so involved in a relationship as he was with Jen. She was on his mind constantly. He was always having thoughts like, Jen would like this, I can't wait to tell Jen, I wonder what she's doing.

When she came on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, he picked her up and brought her to Megan's house. Jen walked up to see her parents and Alex stopped in after a little while.

Rick called, "Alex, you're always around now. I like that. Look Jenny's home for the weekend."

Alex nodded to her and she said, "I'd like to see what you're doing?"

"Come and I'll show you," he said.

"Mom, I'll see you in the morning," she kissed her father's cheek and Alex felt a stab in his heart that he was a part of the betrayal. Still, he knew that Rick and Alice loved him and if they could pick a man for their daughter, he would be in the running if not the top spot.

He watched as she looked at what they had done in three weeks. She'd seen pictures, but he hadn't sent any the past week. He took pictures now with her and in each one, she was smiling just for him. "What do you think?" he asked.

"You've done so much!" she said.

She continued to walk around and then she walked through the backyard into Megan's backyard, because the properties abutted each other. Alex drove around and arrived for poker night —it was the first Friday again. He liked knowing she was there and occasionally he would look up and she'd give him a sexy smile. She was definitely going home with him.

Typically he was the first one out the door, but tonight he stayed. When it was just Jen with Peter and Megan, he pulled her into him.

Megan said, "Look at them. They belong together!"

Peter had already pulled Alex aside for his 'if you hurt her I'll kill you' threat. Alex assured him that he had no intention of doing anything that would hurt her.

Peter said, "Let me make sure Kristi's not walking the dog. I ran into her plenty leaving here."

"Why? Were you two sneaking around?" Jen asked.

"No, we were usually fighting," Megan said.

"You were the one fighting with me," Peter said.

"He's right," Megan agreed.

Alex liked them much better together. He also liked him and Jen much better together.

The ugly house was mostly done. There were a few touch-ups left, but it looked like a home. John had commented again on how he had improved the neighborhood by fixing up that house. He wished that Jen was staying with him all weekend, but he knew it was important that she saw her parents. Because of him, she had been kept away from them again.

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