43 - Jen

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After Alex left, Jen cleaned up the kitchen. When her phone rang she thought it might be him, but it was Sterling.

"Darling, we heard from a magazine. They want to see more pictures of your work specifically beach properties," Sterling said.

"Well we have the house I just finished and some from The Hamptons," she said.

"You need to work on a response. If you were here, you could come in and work with Lexi," he whined.

"Sterling, I'll be home Sunday night. Make the arrangements so I can come in at the end of the day on Monday after my appointments," she said determined, then she added, "I finished two proposals today and started ordering for the Doyle project. I've been busy."

"Darling, we're all busy," he said.

There was a knock at her door and couldn't imagine who it was. She looked out and saw Megan. Oh no! She thought and said, "Listen, Sterling, I've got to go. My friend is at the door." She really didn't lie.

Megan knocked and said, "I know you're in there. Alex doesn't have a rental car."

Jen opened the door and stood aside to let her in. She didn't say anything, because what could she say. Megan walked in with a bottle of wine in her hand and took the place in.

"Nice," she said and added, "Did you help with the colors?"

Jen answered that she did and finally said, "I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for?" Megan said.

"For lying... for..."

"So you and Alex are... friends?" Megan asked.

"You could say that."

"Jen, it's me. We used to share everything. Well until you got married and I got unmarried, but I'm still one of your best friends. You can tell me anything and you can trust me... So how long have you two been friends?"

"We talked a lot when we were doing the Thompson house. We tried... we really did, but we couldn't. We've been spending weekends together since June."

"But you were shopping two nights ago..." Megan said.

"I've been working. I designed the house that Alex just sold for the new owners. It's done, but I stayed and worked from here the rest of the week. I was on the phone with Sterling when you knocked," Jen explained.

"Why the secrecy?" Megan asked.

"Because I'm not divorced yet..." Jen said.

"You almost are. Right?" Megan asked.

"Yes, but technically I'm not yet."

"So no one knows?" Megan asked.

"Just Avery and Tom. No one can know," she pleaded.

"Don't worry. I figured it out, but Peter was clueless. He was worried about you, but I thought why wouldn't she want anyone to know she was here. I have thought too often that you and Alex are a good match."

"You have... really?" Jen asked.

"Yes. Do you love him?" Megan asked.

"We haven't used words like that," Jen explained.

"You do, don't you! Oh, this is so exciting! Oh my God! All that talk last month about Alex... were you already sleeping with him?" Jen looked down and Megan said, "You were! If Peter wasn't so perfect, I'd be jealous."

"Peter won't tell anyone will he?" Jen asked.

"No, we know about keeping private things private. Peter never told anyone my secrets even when we were not getting along. He also has told me that you had a talk, but he refused to tell me what it was about. I'm guessing it wasn't about Alex, because he came home with milk and yogurt and news of you in the store."

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