42 - Alex/ Jen/ Alex

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Pulling himself away from Jen's mouth he said, "The bed is not even made yet. This place is a disaster."

He watched as she looked around. He had pushed to get the master bedroom completed although the carpet would need to wait. The master bath was also done. The kitchen cabinets were in, but the counter was delayed. All his paperwork and files were in boxes as well as her kitchen items which she loved.

"Looks like we're back to take out," she laughed.

"It's close to being done. Maybe you should go when you're done since I'll have crews in here every day," he said regretfully.

"Now you tell me," she laughed. She went to work making the bed and Alex helped. She asked, "Am I hiding from your crew too?"

"I don't know how you can at this point. I want you here, but this whole situation is a mess," he said pulling her into his arms and kissing her hair as he held her. Thankfully the bed was made enough because he couldn't wait any longer.

Afterward, he said, "I will send the guys to another project for Thursday and Friday. You can help me paint. The floors aren't scheduled for another week."

"You're sure? I could go to my parents..."

"No, no... I want you with me," he said and thought always.

Everything was done at the Higgins house ready for Jen to take over. They walked through over the weekend together and he agreed to help her Tuesday evening, much like he had before. He loved the way they were becoming a team.

He was almost done with the crazy clients and would need to celebrate when he got that check. He had a bunch of small projects going on, but his next big project was his new house on The Point. He had received approval from the town to go up and out some. He wanted to create as much space as possible and together he and Jen worked out the layout. It was going to be similar to Megan and Kristi's, but they were adding a good size office. Jen had assured him that he could put a flat screen on the wall so he could work in front of the game. She also convinced him to build his storage needs for his files around the perimeter. She was going to keep him organized.

He had said to her, "There is far more space than I need."

She replied, "I'll need workspace too."

His belly flipped when she said it because every part of him wanted to tell her that he loved her. He wanted to ask her to marry him and have his children, but he couldn't, not yet.

There was so much left unsaid as they were planning his —their house. The other bedrooms which could one day be filled with children. The built-ins in the living room with low bookshelves that could hold children's books and toys. Was she thinking of all these things too? He wanted to ask but knew he needed to wait. How much longer he wondered. Six to nine months, she said. It had been over four months since she left him —since they met.

He hadn't heard from his brother since the Fourth of July. Truthfully until their lives intersected with Jen and Avery, they didn't talk very often, because each of them worked too much. Jen told him that she talked to Avery, but hadn't seen her since Maine.

"I'm too busy working during the week, so I can fly to you on the weekends," she teased.

Still, Alex had a nagging feeling that Tom didn't approve of her and Jen. He hoped that he liked Jen. Really, how could he not? Not only was she kind, but she was Avery's best friend.

"Do you think they have an issue with us?" Alex asked.

"I hope not. I think they are too into each other. They were the ones playing games with us trying to force us together back in May," Jen reminded him.

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