40 - Jen/ Avery

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She watched him walk away. Was he nervous she wondered? She was suddenly antsy and got up. She went for more coffee even though she had had enough.

She walked over to Alex's friend and asked if she wanted more coffee. "Thanks, I'm just waiting for my friend to come back."

Jen said, "We all know Alex. He told me what he's up to."

"I've known him since he bought his first house down here. I had no idea how successful he'd end up. I thought he was a crazy kid," she said and asked, "Do you live down here?"

"I grew up here. I mean upstairs, but I don't live in Maine anymore. I'm just home for the holiday weekend," she answered.

"I always like it here. The coffee is the best."  Jen smiled and went back to her seat.

When Alex came back, he was smiling and said, "We agreed on a price. I saw the inside it is structurally sound and that's all I care about. I can't believe this is happening."

Jen could tell that he was ecstatic as well he should be. She wanted to hug him but knew she couldn't. Marcy however did and then he sat down with her and they worked on the paperwork necessary to make the agreement official. Jen went back upstairs while they worked.

She was with her mother when she received a text message from Alex. he asked, can you come over to celebrate?

She responded, maybe later. I told Megan I'd stop by.

She wanted to run into Alex's arms, but she needed to be careful. She went to Megan's and they walked down to the beach and watch while the kids played. She thought of how she and Megan once played just like them.

Another text came in, but it was from Avery. She said we're going on a roller coaster. Come with us!

Okay, when? she responded.


Jen knew Avery loved roller coasters. They used to talk about going to Six Flags but never did. Not surprisingly Sterling wanted no part of that adventure. She told Megan, who laughed and said, "We rode plenty of roller coasters together. Soon the twins will be tall enough."

Jen was ready when they picked her up. She and Avery had to climb into the back seat of Alex's cab, which was not ideal. They went to Funtown, which she noticed had changed very little since her last visit back in high school. Getting out of his truck, Alex pulled her into his arms and whispered, "I've been wanting to do that all day."

"You really got your house. When do you start?" she asked.

"When do we start? We're doing this one together. Do I need to officially hire you so you can come back?" he asked.

"Sterling would never agree to you as a client. I'll be here working on your Higgins house and we can work then and weekends. It's your dream house," she reminded him, but she hoped that she'd be spending a lot of time there once she was divorced.

"Come on, come on!" Avery called to them.

Without asking Alex bought her admission ticket and she suddenly felt like she was on a date. The idea was exciting and the fact she was going home to her little bedroom made her feel like a teenager not that she dated back then. They went straight to the roller coaster. Jen sat with Alex and he took her hand. Definitely a date, she smiled. They rode the ride and Jen knew she screamed, but Alex was just smiling.

Avery had a great time dragging them from ride to ride. Jen wanted ice cream and Alex bought it but insisted they share. Obviously, he wasn't afraid of seeing anyone that knew her. She imagined that no one who knew Jennifer Dixon would be here.

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