36 - Avery/ Jen/ Alex

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She woke when Tom came back to bed. "Sorry," he whispered.

"S'okay. Hold me," she said. She let Tom's hands travel as he held her. Avery whispered, "Are they awake? Are they smiling?"

"They seem happy, but I'm worried. He's not going to get burned is he?" Tom asked.

"No, as long as they work out the distance," she said.

"She told me to ask you about what happened with the husband," he said.

"You're worried about your brother. Believe me, she is never going back to him." Avery knew that Jen hated talking about it, so she told Tom the sordid details. "She's mortified and doesn't like to talk about it. It's bad enough this guy works for them."

"I feel bad now for doubting her," Tom said, "That explains why Alex is willing to get involved with her," he said.

"I don't think Alex had a choice. I think his heart is leading the way," Avery said.

"Could they be in love this soon?" Tom asked.

"They've been falling in love for almost three months. It didn't take you that long," Avery said, then tired of talking she quieted him with a kiss. Secretly Avery had her concerns too. Hers were that Alex would break Jen's heart. Her friend deserved happiness.

  Her friend deserved happiness

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The weekend flew and Jen found herself kissing Alex goodbye. She was determined to stay strong. If she wanted her career and Alex, she had to get used to being away from him and this week Avery was going to be gone too.

On Sunday morning, Alex said, "Friday is poker. I could skip it, but there will be questions."

"Go. I'll fly in on the later flight and grab an Uber," Jen assured him.

"We may finish by ten," he said.

"Well don't go running out the door. Leave a key for me and I'll be waiting for you," she said.

"What will you be wearing," he asked pulling her into his arms.

"Maybe nothing," she teased.

Later Alex called after he arrived home. They talked briefly, but they were both tired. When Jen went to bed she already missed his arms around her. Just thinking of being with him this weekend made her skin tingle. All that time when she was attracted to him she imagined that sex with him would be wonderful and she was right it was beyond wonderful. It was amazing.

The week dragged even with her best efforts to keep busy. She had a lot of work scheduled that kept her out of the office. She was too happy to be miserable around Sterling. It was bad enough that she had to sit through two more client lunches with him. The calls had died down and the buzz of the press release seemed to be over. Still, he seemed to find a need to call her constantly. Thankfully he only called once over the weekend. He had to be the go-between for Trevor who had a question. Jen said, "Tell him he can text me, but if he mentions anything personal, I won't answer. How are you is too personal."

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