34 - Avery/ Jen/ Alex

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Tom came back with burritos from around the corner. Avery said, "I can't eat like this every night, I need to eat salad." Tom looked around and Avery whispered, "She's in her room. What did he say?"

"He wants to come for the weekend. He says that he needs to talk to her," Tom said.

"Did he say anything else?"

"What else does he need to say? He's not coming to say goodbye," Tom said.

"She cares for him but is hung up on still being married and the distance," Avery explained.

"She is still married and the distance isn't ideal."

"I know I hate distance.  I have to go out of town next week and will miss you every night," Avery said. "So when is he coming?"

"I don't know he said that he'd text me," Tom said.

Avery tried to lure Jen out of her room, but she refused. She was worried about her because she had hardly eaten anything. She handled Sterling's cheating better than this with Alex, but she had been home for the first time in years which softened the blow.

Tom received a text from Alex, he was on a flight arriving around five on Friday evening. Tom had given him his address and told him that he'd meet him there. Avery was excited, but Tom wanted her to stay with Jen.

On Friday morning, the article appeared in the Times about the Dixon's pending divorce. Tom sent a link to Alex. Jen's phone started ringing and didn't stop.

Avery heard Jen yell, "I'll come in, but get Trevor out. Send him to measure for me, I don't care. I can't have him there."

Avery thought, she liked that Jen!

Avery thought, she liked that Jen!

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The response to the article was huge. Many clients called to see if they were really alright. Some of the calls were for new business in response to the reference to her work. The publicist said that they should be seen together at lunch or drinks with clients.

Sterling had arranged a lunch that day and two the following week. "I'm going to fall behind with clients," Jen said.

"It'll be back to normal soon," Sterling said calmer than he'd been all day.

At lunch, Jen showed the client her proposal which she had needed to do, but would normally have done without Sterling and the restaurant. It was well received and even though she hadn't had an appetite all week, she forced herself to eat, so no one would think she was upset over the divorce.

Things quieted down in the afternoon and she sat down in Sterling's office. "I think we made it through the worst of it. How much business did we get?"

"Five inquiries..."

"That's something."

"I like having you back," he said.

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