33 - Alex/ Jen

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How did everything get so messed up? One minute she was leaning into him telling him that this incredible feeling was shared. The next he was forcing her to tell him her most private secret. He was a jerk for not trusting her. He should have believed her, but he'd heard the line, my marriage is over before. Now she was gone and he felt empty inside.

He was just as glad when Tom decided to take Avery to meet their mother. Based on how serious they were it only seemed right and he wasn't sure he could stand another day of them touching. It was painful how happy they were. They were as bad as Peter and Megan, he thought with a sigh.

Tom and Avery couldn't stop talking about the house. Even Kate, who was also visiting said, "It was impressive from the outside."

Avery said, "The inside was incredible, but most of that was the very talented designer."

Hank commented, "Designer huh!"

"Don't say anything about designers, this one is Avery's best friend," Alex said.

Kate spoke up and said, "Wait a minute, Avery's friend, Jen is it?" she asked Avery who nodded, "Was the designer? You worked together, but I didn't think you knew her."

"What do you mean," he asked trying to sound innocent.

"You never once talked to her all day," Kate said.

Avery jumped in and said, "I thought you talked to Jen right before she left."

"I did because although I wasn't thrilled to work with her, we got the job done in the end." Kate didn't say anything else to him. Luckily she had no idea what happened after she left.

He went home and moped which was unlike him. He liked to be productive, but he had no initiative. The Sox lost which depressed him more. He thought about driving over to see Rick and Alice because they were sure to be missing her too. Then he realized he couldn't go admitting to her parents how he felt.

He did something he hadn't done since he moved there, he went for a walk on the beach. It was low tide so there was plenty of beach. He knew this was something that Jen liked to do and he understood why. It was peaceful and therapeutic, but not enough for what ailed him.

On the way back, his next-door neighbor, who he knew only to wave to, was replacing some boards on his porch. Alex asked, "Could you use a hand?"

"You handy?" the older gentleman asked.

Alex laughed, "Have you seen my truck?"

The man looked over and read the Coastal Builders sign. "I guess you are. Maybe I should hire you."

"No, let me help, because that's what neighbors do."

He spent a few hours, helping Frank who was strong and able for a man who had to be close to seventy. His wife, Pat brought out beers. They were crappy light beers, but he was thirsty. It felt good to keep his mind off his own troubles.

When they were done, Frank said, "It's nice to have a helpful neighbor like you Alex. I hope your wife doesn't mind."

"No wife, just me. Truthfully, I think I'll be selling soon. I bought it to renovate and never meant to keep it," Alex explained.

For some reason, he felt the need to get rid of the house. He went home and called Marcy. He told her he was ready to sell it and wanted to find something that needed more cosmetic than structural work. Something he could live in while he did the work. Tomorrow he would call Sydney and ask about the couple who was interested in a house at Higgins Beach.

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