Chapter 14

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Present day

That day he didn't tourtue me physically, it was all in my brain. That was the worst type of torture, knowing that I was doing this to myself that it was all in my head, and I couldn't do anything about It
The worst betrayal is when you turn on yourself.

Kassie's POV

The words hit me like knives tearing against my skin, the blade stabbing my chest and cutting of my limbs. But of course that was all in my head.

Surely I wasn't? He would never.

I winced at the thought of the word, praying this was another one of Harry's sick jokes.

But part of me knew it wasn't, being pregnant tied all the knots, the drugging, waking up in different clothes, the distinct smell of bleach and cleaning supplies each morning, the fact that I was restrained at This very second.  This was no joke.

I tried to scream but nothing came out. Harry had completely paralyzed me. He smirked at my attempts of yelling and fighting the restraints. He has thought of everything.

I felt a single tear roll down my cheek. I felt myself sigh in defeat. Atleast I could feel that.

Harry walked up to me and crouched down, I had never noticed the mesmerising deep blue of his eyes, the way his hair fell in the cutest position when he smirked, I guess there is good in everyone, to a certain extent.

What am I thinking? This phycopath just got me fucking pregnant! Snap out of it! He is pure evil. He is the kind of person that kills and does unspeakable things.

He wiped my tears away with his thumb before kissing the top of my forehead.

I coming down with Stockholm syndrome, fucking Stockholm syndrome.

Then after all this time, it finally hit me. Harry had raped me. Undoubtedly multiple times.

How many times though? Has he done this before?

I wave of nausea flashed over me and I slipped Into unconsciousness.

6 weeks ago - Muintes before Kassie's kidnapping.

Harry's POV

I parked outside her high school seconds before the bell went of, I noticed the trail of kids marching out of the building. I scanned the area for her but only saw unfamiliar faces.

Then she caught my eye.

Her hair was glistening in the sun and her eyes, you could easily get lost in them. If her mum wasn't so abusive then she would have the perfect life.

I had already spotted her bus leaving and couldn't help but smile with sucsess whilst watching my plan fall Into place.

Kassie would soon be mine, and I could feel that she was defiantly the one, she would be victorious.

Amelia #3

The words repeated in my head, taunting me, attempt three, the others were failures; I hated to think about Amelia in that manner, but it was true.

Amelia and Tilly were failures.

Amelia stupidly killed herself when she received the best news anyone could hear, surely she was happy about being pregnant? To be honest she didn't like being the centre of attention so she was probally a bit flustered. That was defiantly the reason.

Tilly on the other hand was useless, she killed her baby when falling down the stairs; I had no further use for her afterwards, she was a waste of time and resources. She defiantly didn't want our baby; Is that why she fell? Did she do it on purpose? She was dead now and that was a good thing to, I hated her from the start.

But Kassie, she was going to be different, I was going to love her and she was going to love me back. I was finally going to be the best farther ever.

I was lost in my thoughts until I noticed Kassie right outside the door.

I honked my horn and noticed her body swiftly spin around,

"Need a lift?"
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