0. "10 Things I want to do before I die"

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1. Tell FP the truth about diagnosis.
2. Apologize to all Serpents, for how I treated them.
3. Visit my parents and come to terms with my father.
4. Have sex in a public place.
5. Tell Fred that he was my first love interest.
6. Tell Hal that he was really bad in bed.
7. Have a girls night out with Hermione.
8. Have the best birthday party in my life.
9. Tell relatives about the diagnosis.
10. Tell FP that I love him.

I wrote this a few hours after I heard the diagnosis from the doctor that it can have a cancer. He told me that I need to do a specialist research to confirm it, but I was in a serious shock. What the doctor was saying to me didn't reach me.

I knew that rarely anyone had the chance to survive cancer, so instead of worrying about the treatment and the fact that I'm slowly dying, I made a list. I called it:

"10 things I want to do before I die by Alice Susanna Smith."

A/N: Welcome to my new story. I hope you like it. 💫😊

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