Letting You Go Was the Hardest Thing

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Chapter Eleven

Picture on the side is Honjo Tanaka (Actor and Model Takeshi Kaneshiro)


I don't know why my life became messed up. Hell, I don't even know why I became the way I am today. At one point, I often asked myself, "why am I bothering with this shit?"

          The answer?

          All I could do was laugh like a moron, and get on with whatever I'm doing.

          Coming from an upstanding family, it was beyond appalling that the son of one of  the most influential lawyer of Lakeside, Colorado, is a gangbanger, who had so much promise that he threw away a bright future just because of a love that can never be.

          The hurt.

          The strings of bullshit.

          The pain.
          All that emotional roller coaster, you name it, my heart got it.

           It was all in the name of this sickening, sappy shit called love.

           I hated it.

          My mom and dad never understood why I act the way I am. They mistook my quiet personality, and the lack of friendliness towards others for being different... their subtle way for the word freak. They even went to extreme lengths in setting me up with an appointment with a freaking therapist. As they worded it out, they were only worried about me.

          Pfft! Worried? More like scared. I could see it in their eyes; they're not worried. They thought that there's something wrong with me.

             Meaning, why I'm not like my brother.

           I can't help it if I'm anti-social. I can't help it if I'm not like Dalton, who's Mr. Congeniality. I'm just being me, Terrence.

             And most of all, I can't help it when the love of my life can't love me back...

            'God, I'm turning into a sap,' I thought bitterly. What can you do? No matter how tough you are, when a heart gets broken like shattered glass, it can't be undone. You'd break down, forget who you are, or what you stand for, and end up like a pile of shit.

         After today's stunt, never again will I break down. I'm not going back that road never, ever again... for her.

         Yeah, I'm talking about Caroline Grace. That's why I left that damn house to be on my own. I couldn't stand seeing her with my idiotic brother, who gave up the fight when there was still hope to salvage everything. He was a moron to believe Charlie. He could have fought, and damn it! He could have tried. There was still hope, but the doofus chose to give up, and hook up with Miss Perky.

         However, Caroline knew how I felt. On more than one occasion, I left sweet, yet intense stolen kisses for her when Dalton's not looking. I proved time and time again to her that I'm worth her love... yet, it was never enough for her.

            Just because I'm not like Dalton.

             Like my parents, she thought the same of me...

             And it hurt.