Chapter 7: Explanation

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i was really hoping to finish editing part one within this week but i keep falling asleep early and there's a lot of drama happening lately )): i want to update long, high quality chapters to give out the best new version of this book...i'm so sorry i can't do it within a short amount of time

I've never been this happy to be awake on a Sunday despite not having enough sleep. I mean, this week was rougher than the other ones since school actually began and Sunday's the only day when I could work only until noon. It's inevitable. If I had a choice, I would definitely work until evening but it's my day off at the teashop and my shift at the restaurant is only until 11 in the morning.

When I looked to my left where the other bed is placed, Peach is still there–sleeping soundly with an eye mask on. I really hope I won't see her face at the restaurant today.

I quietly got up from my bed after adjusting to being awake then fixed the blanket and bedsheet. I grabbed everything I need like my clothes then went inside the bathroom to take a shower.

It smells good here. It's probably Peach's shampoo or something. This is the only thing that made me like having her as my roommate.

I'll get my pay at the restaurant today. They give me my salary every end of the week and I'll surely receive a large amount of it. I'm thinking...should I treat myself at least for once?

Yes, maybe that's a good idea. This will help me avert my attention from this certain guy...

* * *

"Jinwoo, what happened to your neck?" Sin suddenly asked me. My eyes widened and I immediately touched my neck.

I forgot my bandaid.

"Who's the guy?" He chuckled.

Wait, it does look even more of a hickey now. That's easier to explain.

"Just...someone..." I laughed nervously but I guess he didn't notice it.

"You should thank the guy. You're suddenly blooming these days." Sin winked at me then went over to a table to take orders.

Suddenly blooming? What does that mean?

This is embarrassing. My hair is up so my neck is exposed. People will definitely get the wrong idea.

A customer raised his hand so I went over to him. "Yes sir?" It was really weird to call him 'sir'. He looks my age because of his face but his choice of clothing says otherwise. He's still looking over the menu but I prepared my pen and pad immediately.

"I'd like two of D-8 please," he said. "And a cup of coffee."

I wrote it down onto the paper. "Would you like anything else, sir?" I gave him the best smile that I could force.

"None, that's all." He gave me a smile and shut the menu folder then put it down on the table.

"I'll just repeat your order sir. A serving of D-8 and a cup of coffee. Any special add on request for your coffee?"

"White sugar, creamer, and a cup of water please."

"All right. Your meal will be served in 7 minutes," I said and smiled again. He just nodded his head, the smile still remaining on his face then I left.

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