Chapter 18

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"You Can Just Sit The Couch Right There.. Yes, Perfect!" I Said, Directing The Movers .

"Ma" Reese Said, Coming Up Behind Me, Hugging Me Tight, As He Kissed My Neck .

"Hey, I Thought You Had To Work?" I Asked .

"I Took Off For Today"


"Cause You Start Working At The Club Tonight, And I Know You Nervous, So I Wanna Be Here To Comfort You, And Prepare You" He Said, Causing Me To Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"First Of All, I'm Not Nervous . I Danced At Plenty Of House Parties, I'll Be Fine-"

"First Of All, I'ma Stop You Right There, And Tell You That Dancing At House Parties Ain't The Same As Dancing At The Club . It's More People, Which Means More Money, So You Have To Put In More Work" He Explained . I Slightly Shook My Head, Agreeing With Him .

"You Probably Right" I Said, Causing Him To Chuckle .

"Aw, Here You Go"

Later That Day

"Do This Look Right?" I Asked, Walking In The Bedroom, From The Bathroom .

I Was Trying On Different Sets Of Lingerie That I Bought The Other Day .

"Come Here" Reese Said, Laying Across The Bed . I Slowly Walked Over Towards Him .

"Turn Around" He Said . I Slowly Turned Around .

"You Know You Bad" He Said, Smacking My Ass .

"You Better Stop"

"Or What?" He Asked, Aggressively, Sitting Up, As He Grabbed Onto My Ass .

"Before I Fuck Your Life Up, That's What" I Said, Moving His Hand From Off Of My Ass .

"I Might Like That" He Said, Looking Me Up And Down, Biting His Bottom Lip .

"I'm Serious, Reese, You Just Don't Know"

"Show Me Then" He Said, Laying Back On The Bed, Causing Me To Smack My Lips .

"Bye, Cause You Playing" I Said, Beginning To Walk Off, But He Gently Grabbed Onto My Arm .

"Wait, You Didn't Even Model It For Me"

"Cause You Playing!"

"Alright, I'm Done Playing" He Said, Letting Go Of My Arm, Laying Back On The Bed .

"Well What You Think?" I Asked, Slowly Twirling Around .

"Bend Over For Me"

"I'm Done, Reese" I Said, Making My Way Back To The Bathroom .

"No, Wait! Wait!" He Said, Playfully .

"Nope!" I Said, Shutting The Bathroom Door .

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