1.4 | stray kids

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"morning girls," jeno greeted the cousins as they entered the classroom. the two cousins greeted the boy back as they took their seat.

joohwi and jeno had conversed a lot as usual, as if nothing was going on at all. but joohwi was concerned for gayoung. the girl was barely quiet. but this morning she was quiet the whole time, a little too quiet.

"is everything alright?" joohwi laid a hand on gayoung's shoulder.

gayoung almost jumped in shock, "huh? o-oh... yeah i'm fine."

of course joohwi didn't buy it, but she knew she couldn't force the girl to tell her the truth, "if you say so."

"good morning my lovely people!" jaemin happily made his way towards his friends, with his famous smile plastered onto his face, and leaned onto the table in front of the girls.

he noticed gayoung's troubled look. he bent down to match his eye level with hers. he pouted, "what's troubling my poor princess so early in the morning?"


"hey man you're scaring the poor girl," jeno chuckled.

joohwi laughed with him, "you almost gave her a heart attack."

"well that's because i'm too handsome!"


"lunch! my favourite subject!" joohwi cheered.

jeno sighed, "joohwi that's not even a subject."

"well it is now," joohwi shrugged and grabbed his hand. "let's go and leave those future love birds hehe."

jeno's ears became pink, "s-sure."

jaemin turned to the two and noticed their entwined hands. jaemin wiggled his eyebrows at jeno, "you go get it man, i have hope in you."

jeno playfully rolled his eyes, "thanks you too i guess."

joohwi and jeno ran off, leaving jaemin and gayoung behind in the classroom. jaemin turned to gayoung and helped her pack her things away.

"thank you," gayoung said, looking away from him.

"anything for you," jaemin smiled kindly. "let's go to the cafeteria, you must be getting hungry by now."

"no i'm not—" her stomach grumbled. her cheeks became tinted in a light shade of pink. "o-okay maybe i'm hungry."

jaemin chuckled, "let's go, i can't let my princess starve."

p-princess? i—

the two arrived at the cafeteria, hand in hand. gayoung, on the other hand (omgomg get it? hand, huehuehue), kept on spacing out.

jaemin ushered her to a vacant table, "sit down, i'll get the food."


"nah-uh," jaemin pushed her back down into the seat. "now i shall go on a quest for my princess. be a good girl and stay here."

she huffed, "fine fine."

when a small group of boys walked by her, they stopped and looked back at her.

"oh? you're moon gayoung right?" one of them said with a slight accent. "i'm bang chan, we're from the good ol' zombie clan. well we're stray kids now, since our name sounded really dumb."

"now he notices," one of his friends scoffed, a pout forming on his lips. he made eye contact with gayoung and decided to introduce himself and smirked, "han jisung."

"hey man don't flirt with her, jaemin would get mad," another butted in, also speaking with a slight accent. he smiled innocently at gayoung, "g'day! i'm felix lee."

jisung angrily mumbled under his breath, "don't flirt with her my ass, dumb aussie."

"ignore them," chan laughed lightly. "we wanted to apologise to you about what we did to you, it was wrong. park minho told us about everything so if you need help and you're friends aren't there, just give us a call."

chan handed gayoung a list of numbers with the names right next to them. gayoung thanked him, "i forgive you guys, i hope to see you all around more often then."

"be careful, see you around," the small group of guys waved goodbye to the girl before walking off to the rest of their group.

as gayoung patiently waited for jaemin, she fished out her phone and played random games. it was a long line for the food today for some reason, which made gayoung feel bad for jaemin.

he would look back to check if gayoung was okay or not once in a while, making weird faces at her to make her frown turn into a smile. of course it woulf work, with a few butterflies forming in her stomach.

stupid gayoung, stupid feelings, i can't really be falling for him right? but renjun— fUCK IM SO CONFUSED BYE.

you know what, i'm going to wait with him. he looks bored and lonely.

when gayoung stood up, she bumped her shoulder into another girl who was walking past. the girl dropped her tray of food, spilling some onto gayoung.

the girl gasped and she and her friend immediately grabbed some tissues and helped gayoung. "i'm so sorry! i should've looked where i was going," the girl apologised, frantically helping gayoung and not caring that her food was on the floor.

"no no! i'm the one who should be saying sorry, i bumped into you," gayoung reassured the girl and her friend. "and thank you for helping me, getting the food off me."

jaemin went out of the line and raced to gayoung, hands on both of her shoulders, "are you alright? you're not hurt are you?"

"i-i'm fine! these girls helped me," gayoung smiled, thanking the two girls again.

jaemin turned to the girls and smiled, "thank you for helping her and sorry for the trouble."

"it's okay!" the two girls said. "we'll clean this up in no time, now go get her something else to change into at least."

jaemin nodded and escorted gayoung out of the cafeteria. however, gayoung's phone won't stop ringing. she kept on getting spammed with notifications.

notifications from revenge note.


renjun stood far from gayoung. he witnessed everything that happened and had the strongest urge to step in and help her. but he was too late.

jaemin was already there before he could even make a move.

it was always like that.

renjun glanced at gayoung one last time, to make sure that she was safe, and walked off. he felt a heavy feeling that weighed himself down, especially weighing his heart down.

he glanced at a corner and saw a girl huddled up on a bench, nervously staring at her phone screen. to his curiosity, he crept up towards the familiar looking girl and glanced at her phone screen. she had sent a message, a notification rather, to someone with the initials mgy.

it was the revenge note app.


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