80 : The Popular Girl's Face Is Always Caked With Makeup

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I stared at Leslie's face which was Caked with an unreasonable amount of make up. Her lips were smudged with too many layers of lip gloss and she had on way too much eyeshadow and blush that looked like it had been applied by a 2 year old kid. Overall, she looked like a clown.

OK, so, in loads of Wattpad books, the popular girl always has on lots of make up. Personally, I hate- despise make up strongly. If you bring it near me, World War III has begun. Moving on, I get that she has on loads of make up, but if she wants her face to look like it's been doodled on by a bunch of two year olds with Crayola markers, then so be it. She's fine looking like a rainbow barfed on her face, and you're fine without make up.

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