Ours Only (Poly!Heathers+Veronica)

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Hey, everyone! So, I know I've updated frequently, but hey, I'm an ambitious writer. So, in a few parts or so, I'm planning on doing a QNA, so I'd need some questions from you guys. Mostly, these questions need to be related to this book and some personal questions could be included, so ask away! I hope you enjoy this one!

(Soulmate AU!)

Veronica's POV

"Soulmates, that is an interesting topic to be talking about, don't ya think, Martha?"

"Yeah, but, I'm just curious when you'll get yours is all," Martha replied worryingly

"Only time will tell, Martha, besides, school is our primary mission!" I proudly exclaim

Yes, soulmates are real, how can you tell if you've found one? Simply put, you'll see a large glow emanating from them based on their favorite color. For example, Martha said JD had a black aura around him, while JD said that Martha had a pink one.

If I'm honest, I'm envious of those who have soulmates because I don't have one. I want to feel loved and accepted by someone who cares about my well-being. But, I can be patient, patience is the key to life, at least in my opinion. Also, I don't want a woman completely dominating my life.

"Everyone is quick, the Heathers are on the hunt! Run!" a random boy shouted

It is routine to run away from the Heathers on their hunt. If they catch a few people, they are not the same ever again. Those people look dead inside. Whatever they do, it isn't good, I hear they experiment on them to see if they are 'compatible,' what that means is a mystery.

My legs are already ahead of my thoughts as I bolted down the hallway. Again, this is normal for Westerburg High, when the Heathers come around, we run away. This time, however, no one seemed to get abducted this time, but it appears that they have a narrow target, me, I'm their victim.

It hit me, they are searching for their soulmate, and they finally found her. Note that I said 'they,' all three of the Heathers are my soulmates. Now, here I am, running away from the people who'd care for me. I'm terrified of what would happen if they caught me.

"Where do you think you're going, missy?" Mac screamed at me as they were catching up with me

"It's a shame that our mate is escaping our love!" Duke barked

"Let's stop, why not capture her when she's home alone?" Chandler smirked seductively

With that, they had disappeared into the darkness, where no lights ever shine. When the coast was clear, we returned to the halls, the only color we could see is red. Blood drenched the walls, creating a foul stench and making the floors sticky and gross.

I'm scared of what's to transpire. These innocent-looking girls are about to haunt me in my own house! They're very serious about kidnapping me! I just want to live a normal life! But, apparently their gaydar is cranked up to maximum, and my gayness is showing like an oozing sore. Now, I'm promptly walking home and hoping that they don't see me.

Finally, I'm home where I'm safe, at least I think so. I head upstairs and enter my bedroom, heading towards my wardrobe. I change into a blue tank top and black yoga pants, which on the backside says, 'thicc.'

I go back downstairs and turn on the TV, planting myself on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a sweet, ice-cold Coke. These wash away my worries, it's needed after what happened today, three batshit insane girls, all named Heather, are stalking me, I think, don't quote me on that.

After the movie finished, I threw away the scraps and headed back to the couch. That's when I noticed a hand grab my thigh. I let out a shocked yelp, and of course, my instincts told me to run! Whoever's behind me isn't that far away, as I hear the quick pitter-patter of someone's feet rush towards me. I kept twisting and turning at any corner close to me. That is until two large muscular hands wrap themselves around my throat like a python and start strangling me, it isn't one of the Heathers. I try fighting back, but, to no avail am I to escape, it only makes this grip even stronger.

My chest starts to burn with a fury; my soul screams for help. It's hopeless, I've basically rejected the Heathers, just by running away from them. Now, I'm going to die with no one by my side. I feel scared, I want to live and cuddle with my soulmates on the couch with some popcorn while peppering some kisses on each other's necks. All my regrets flash before me, as my vision fades, slipping into an abyss, where the unfortunate are eternally tortured.

Then, I'm on the ground hardly breathing, as I hear loud grunts of pain escape my attackers' lips. However, I feel someone touching me, it's Heather Duke, she's lifting me up into her arms. Dukie proceeds to carry me downstairs as I lay limp. Next thing I know, I'm in a large fancy car, and it's Chandler's, Red Porsche. Also, I'm hugging Heather Duke intensively, my soul is yearning for her warm touch, and she gives it to me. Duke's hand is on my heart, making it burn with love and longing.

Mac, from what I could tell, is whimpering and panicking, while Chandler tries to calm her down. I've blacked out, my head now rests on Duke's lap, might I add she's running her smooth hand through my rough brown hair.

"Shh, she's waking up!"

"Okay, okay!"

"I'm so relieved!"

It took me a little bit to wake up and realize my surroundings. I'm at the Heathers Mansion. I had been put on this amazingly comfortable bed with a soft, fluffy red blanket, a cool green-covered pillow, and a cute yellow nightgown. The room that I am in now is beautifully decorated, from crimson-red curtains with gold on the sides to the bedframe; you know from the movies with the king's bed? Except, this time, three beautiful women are surrounding and caring for me.

"Hey, princess," a yellow-clad girl spoke to me

"Everything's going to be okay from here on out, okay?" a red figure reassured me

"You're safe now, where no one can harm you anymore!" a small green woman comforted me

"What happened?" I asked hoarsely

"Don't speak, your voice is weak, just write it down on this piece of paper with this fancy blue pen!" Chandler demanded

Mac hands me the pen and paper, and I write down all my questions. I hand them back and await their responses.

"First, what happened?" Duke repeats, "Some weird woman broke into your house, and she strangled you, but we kicked her ass!"

"Second, are you guys mad at me?" Chandler says with a slight pout, "No, we're not mad at you, we're glad you're safe now!"

"Finally, when I'm all healed up, can I taste your pusses?" Mac gasps, "Heh, alright, I've never gotten to participate in a foursome, let alone any sex act, so yes, definitely!"

I grin seductively, I can't wait until my holes get filled; I'm honestly excited! But, for now, cuddling on Chandler's bed will make do. Then, the Heathers climb onto the bed and wrap themselves around me. Giving me an absurd amount of warmth, as all four of us slowly drift off to sleep. 

I hope you enjoyed! Remember, if you want, you can ask me some questions for a future QNA! Love you guys!



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