"Wassup bruh," they did their signature handshake.

"Wass good, why you look like you just a whoopin from Charmaine?" Blue smirked walking in the house while Simon closed the door after him.

"Nigga don't try to be funny," Simon frowned taking a seat back on the couch.

"Y'all arguin or some?" Blue asked sitting down too.

"You know it. She mad cause I didn't come home last night."

"Did you tell her why?"

"Hell yea! She don't believe me."

"Damn," Blue chuckled shaking his head. He couldn't imagine being with a chick like Charmaine. He didn't have no patience for women with trust issues.

"Speaking of the devil."

Charmaine walked into the living room dressed in casual blue jeans that hugged her thick thighs like a second skin, a red & black off the shoulder plaid shirt that was tied in the front showing her flat stomach. She wore nude pointy toed heels on her feet from Fashion Nova.

"Where the hell you going?" Simon questioned like he was her dad. She looked too good and he knew that dudes was going to get at her left and right.

She ignored him and walked over to the couch to pick up their son, Jr. "hey my baby," she cooed as his big brown eyes fluttered open.

Simon rubbed his eyes in frustration.

"Hey Blue." Charmaine smiled turning towards him with baby Jr on her hip.

"Sup," he nodded.

Simon scrunched his face up at her, "whea you going?" he asked again.

"I'm taking Jr to Kandice's son birthday party," she answered with an attitude, aggravated that he kept on talking to her.

Kandice was Charmaine's messy ass best friend that Simon hated. She was the one who always fed Charmaine gossip about him, but in reality, she wanted them to break up so she could be with him. Anybody could tell that she was jealous of their relationship except for Charmaine.

"I told you iont want that bitch around my son." Simon snapped. "And look at you, waking him up. You know how to fuck up a wet dream, don't chu?"

"You can't tell me what to do with my son." She rolled her neck.

"Yo son? That my damn son, he came outta my dick."

Blue shook his head.

"Whatever Simon, you're so damn childish," Charmaine gave him the most hateful look she could muster up and turned around to walk away.

"Y'all ma'fuckas might as well get married." Blue said after she was well out of sight.

"Shit, ion know how long I can put up with her man."

Blues smacked his lips, "nigga she got you pussy whipped.. you'een goin nowhere."

"Boy fuck you, why you seem so happy anyways?"

"What you mean?"

"Psshh, you over hea crackin jokes and shit.. nigga let me find out, actin all bubbly and shit." Simon laughed.

Blue waved him off.

"Who you got it from? C'mon give me the tea," Simon egged on.

"I ain't get shit."

"Yeahhh right."

After that kiss, Ava and Blue parted ways like nothing ever happened, even though they both wanted to do more. Let Blue tell it, the kiss was only in the heat of the moment but he knew what he was doing and he did it because he wanted to. Ava didn't mind, of course. She wanted it as bad as he did.

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