Chapter 9

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  Simon rubbed his hand over his silky, blue durag looking at Charmaine like she was crazy as she spazzed on him.

"Where the fuck was you at last night? You had me blowing up yo goddamn phone!" She yelled as they stood in their bedroom. She was standing up cussing in a pink robe while Simon sat on the bed with an annoyed look on his face.

"I'm tired of this shit!" She ranted, walking back and forth, her thirty inch frontal install swaying side to side down her back.

"You're crazy," Simon chuckled. "Your fucking crazy, bro." He shook his head.

Truth is, he loved her but she was so traumatized from him cheating in the past that everything little thing he did was automatically suspect.

Charmaine stopped and looked at him with her eyes wide, "I'm crazy!?"

Simon nodded, "Yea, but you're not just crazy, you're fucking crazy. Delusional ass female," he taunted making her blood boil. Even him being calm made her mad.

"If I'm crazy it's cause you made me this way," she pointed her index finger in face and pushed his head back.

He took in a deep breath, trying to stop himself from reacting in a way that would hurt his girl. "I ain did shit!" He said truthfully.

"Why you ain't come home, or answer yo phone?" She placed her hands on her hips preparing for him to lie.

"I had business to handle in Manhattan. It was me, Zay and Deeno."

Charmaine rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom, continuing to do her makeup. "I dunno why I try," she mumbled applying dark red Mac lipstick onto her heart shaped lips.

"You try because you love me girl and this dick," Simon said seriously looking at her.

She kissed her teeth and applied mascara on her mink eyelashes, "You don't love me though. If you did, you'll come home."

"Nah.. you know what I do and you should understand why I didn't come home last night. I told you that I was-"

"Yea you was in Manhattan handling 'business' I know, I know." She said sarcastically. "Nigga I been trying to understand what you do for four years and all you did was cheat."

"That's the damn past let it go. I'm loyal as fuck right now."

Charmaine stayed quiet, not wanting to argue no more. She had a party to attend and she didn't want her mood to be ruined. Though, she laughed in her head when Simon said I'm loyal as fuck right now as if he was gone cheat later.

"Simon, just shut the fuck up before you dig a deeper hole for yo self."

"I'm tellin you the truth doe, I'm not cheating on you, but if that's what you want to believe then oh the fuck well," he shrugged and stood up from the bed, "I'm not bout to keep arguing with yo ass."

He left from the room and went into the living room, seeing his son knocked out on the couch with a Spider-Man toy in his hand. He took a seat next to him and pulled out his ringing phone from his black Robin jeans.

"Wassup, Blue?

Blue was outside of Simon's house, in his car with the phone against his ear. "I'm outside."

"Well nigga come inside, I'm here."

Blue always called before Simon to make sure he was home since his car was always in the garage.

"Ight," Blue ended the call and got out his car, making his way up to the door. By the time he could grab the door knob, Simon had all ready opened it.

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