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The next class I had was gym

Roman LED Virgil to the gym and they got into the changing rooms

Virgin  look nervous clutching his uniform for gym. Roman noticed and said
" hey don't worry. Here I'll stand in front of you while you change. Okay?"


Roman quickly got changed into his uniform. And stood in front of Virgil.

When Virgil took off his shirt. Which Roman never seen him without a shirt before. He was a stick you could see his rib and he had scars and bruises all over him.

It was so bad to the point where Robin wondered how he could still walk. Virgil put on his uniform and looked over to Roman.



Virgil gave Roman a suspicious look

Virgil said in a soft voice
Virgil stared at Roman with his big eyes trying to figure out what he was thinking.

" well we should probably heading back up gym starting soon"
Roman said frantically to get Virgil's glare off of him

They walked out of the changing room.

" okay 10 laps!!"
the gym teacher shouted

Roman automatically start to worry thinking that Virgil couldn't do it.

But before I could finish his thoughts Virgil already started on the labs. And in a jog he kept up with the gym teacher. the gym teacher started to run faster to get ahead of him but virtual kept the same Speed.well. still. jogging.

Roman was amazed. Then he started to run and kept up five feet behind Virgil. after 9 labs he felt like his legs were going to fall off. The gym teacher and everyone else was a bit worse though. But Virgil already finished his laps. And looked perfectly fine!

[ what are you trying to attempt here?]

*^*ummm I have no idea what you mean?*^*

[ so what is this for 'comedic' purposes?]


[ you trying to get the people that read this to laugh?!]


[ yeah no. Just shut up.]

*^* well someone's acting like a bitch*^*

[ yeah I no offense. But you haven't put me in any chapter lately!]

*^* just be patient*^*

After gym they only have one class Left.
I don't know what you want me to say. Virgil basically got really high scores and it was really easy from him.

# hey guys so this is the end of the chapter. Yeah I I have writer's block again but I will come up with a longer story for Halloween I promise#

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