~ sixteen ~

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     I smiled up at the clear blue sky and adjusted my backpack over my shoulder. My heart was beating against my chest with euphoria and excitement, still in complete shock at what has happened with Paul and I. I hated leaving Paul, all I want to do is stay at home and sleep with him in my bed again, but I know that I can't. However, after school,
we are supposed to meet back at Paul's place to practice.

     With George and Richard.

     Should we tell them? I mean... How would they react? Man, I'd love to see the look on George's face when he finds out.

     As I approached the school, I couldn't manage to wipe the wide grin off of my face.

     Macca is mine.

     I walked up those familiar steps and walked through the opened doors.

      All mine.

     When I walked down the hallway, I felt like I was the top of the world. Like no one could ever knock me off my pedestal that i've so desperately climbed on to.

     My eyes shifted to the side as I saw George and Richard leaning up against their lockers, chatting about God knows what. I chuckled to myself, thinking of how to approach such a situation.

      "What's wi' the smug grin, Lennon?" George asked me as I walked passed, stopping me in the middle of my tracks.

      You asked for it, Geo.

     "Ah, jus thinking abou'..." I paused for a moment, "Everything."

     "Quit being so pretentious, now, what happened?" George asked curiously.

      I looked over at Richard who seemed to be waiting for an answer just as George was.

     "Dunno if I'm even supposed to tell ye lads, yet." I sighed, "Guess ye've gotta wait, huh?"

      George furrowed his brows, "Whateva', ye pompous bastard." He chuckled a bit.

     I leaned into a whisper, "Jus so ye know, though... I'll be at practice after school, today."

     Richard's face soon grew a smile upon it, "That's great, John! ...But why? Did Paul forgive ye, then?"

     I chuckled, "Yeah, somethin' like that."

     With a wink, I strutted off down the hallway once again, leaving the rest to their imaginations.

     As class went on, I anxiously sat in my chair, checking my wrist watch every now and then to see when this daft class would end. Twiddling my thumbs, a dismal thought paved it's way deep into my mind.

     Oh, Jane. Jane, the bird Paul was in love with... The bird Paul is still technically seeing. She's the person keeping me from him... Well, along with the rest of society. All I want to do is tell her that her precious teddy boy has fallen in love with me. A man. John Lennon. However, If I do that... I'd be setting all of us up for disaster. But it's amusing to fantasize about it, I guess.

      Hell, if I told anybody about Paul and I's newfound relationship, we'd be burried under the jail and they'd simply throw away the key.

      I told Macca that I'd figure it all out for him, even if he told me not to. I know him and his doe eyes can't muster up the guts to tell her to piss off, so who's a better person than me to do it? But how will I go about all of this? Will Paul be mad at me if I do it?

     "Lennon!" The teacher shouted, "Quit day dreaming and take notes!"

     With a groan, I reluctantly picked up my pencil and pretended to write down rubbish on my blank paper.

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