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Thank you for reading, for listening, for commenting and reviewing. More than anything else, thank you for being here.

I first wrote Star Trek fan fiction in – I think – 2009. But it didn't really take off until Reversal and The Light, both from 2010. When I first started, Lili and I were both 48. I am now 56, older than Doug was during Reversal. Doug is 56 during a short story called A Kind of Blue, where he and Lili get married. Lili is 56 in Fortune. Malcolm is 56 during one part of Fortune (a fast forward), and so is Melissa. Norri is 56 during a story called Bread.

Maybe those are crazy things to keep track of, but I do. I have written over 1.7 million words of Star Trek fan fiction. In the timeline, the first event occurs somewhere between 12,000 and 10,000 BC, when the Calafan people undergo speciation and split into silver (our universe) and copper (the Mirror). That event gets shout outs in several stories, including Reversal. And the last event occurs in 4110 AD, when future observers notice a megaotric (large and consequential) event, during a story called He Stays a Stranger, where Rick Daniels is the star.

There are only two unfinished stories. One is a collaborative effort that seems to have stalled indefinitely, Paradox. The other, These Are the Destinations, remains open-ended for now, and maybe even forever. It was the open-endedness of Reversal that kicked off so many sequels, prequels, and parallel stories. And such open-endedness also served as a comfort, to know that the story never really ends, and a goodbye is not for good.

And so, I take my leave, finishing my take on Star Trek via the medium of fan fiction. Will I return? I cannot say. Never say never. But my cloudy crystal ball says no, as I want to concentrate on wholly original works which is where my own personal future lies. Calafans and Witannen have finagled their way into my original works, renamed for clarity's sake (and for the breath of copyright's sake as well). Maybe others will find a home there.

Mack's story took me years to write, as I became exceptionally busy and I didn't want to let go. But now is the time.

I'm not worried any more. After all, we've got forever.

Thank you.

Love, jespah

PS Here on Wattpad, there's still more to come – four stories which I honestly feel are some of the best fan fiction I have ever written. But you be the judge. I know you'll be fair. 

You always are.

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