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Mike wheeler imagine y'all, and it's sad so ya grab ya tissues
I can remember it so vividly.
The way I saw his lips touch that whores chapped ones. His hands push her into a random room. The clicking of the lock, hearing it over the loud music. The faces of everyone giving me sympathetic looks. The way I cried and cried...
"Do we really have to go to this party?" I asked my friends, El and Max. They nodded excitedly, "Yes! It's one of the most biggest parties of the year! There's gonna be cute guys and just-" "Okay, okay, I know there's gonna be cute guys but like, don't we all have boyfriends?" I said in a matter of fact tone. They grumbled and nodded slowly, "I wonder what Will is wearing" El said with a dreamy look on her face, blushing. I giggled and thought about my boyfriend, Mike, what he was gonna wear. Or what was underneath those cloth- Oof Y/N stop! "I know that Lucas is gonna look foine tonight!" Max yelled applying her mascara.
My doorbell rang, basically meaning the boys were here. The girls and I ran out of my room and stumbled down the stairs, eager to see what our mans looked like. I opened the door and Mike, my mans, was there with Lucas, Will and Dustin. "Hey" Mike said looking me up and down. I blushed and pulled his hand outside, saying my hellos to the other boys. "You up to party tonight?" Mike asked squeezing my hand as we got into Dustin's car, the others trailing behind. "Kind of, I didn't really want to go" I said leaning my head on his shoulder, he leant his head on top of my head. "Me neither" He chuckled grabbing my hand. "I have such bAd cRamPs!" Max yelled holding onto her stomach. I laughed and went into my purse, and threw a tampon at her face, as everyone bursted out laughing.
"Finally!" El said as we pulled up into the parking lot of the huge ass mansion, where the party was being held. We all walked inside, and Mike gave me a long passionate kiss before splitting up with the boys, and I went with the girls. "Who wants punch?" Max asked holding up a red solo cup. El grabbed it and chugged it down, me and Max exchanged surprised looks, since when does our innocent El drink?
El threw the cup on the ground, groaning. "Do they have eggos?" She asked stumbling into my arms. Me and Max laughed and I helped El get to the fridge.
2 hours later...
Pretty much, Max and El were wasted but were starting to sober up when I gave them like 5 glasses of water each.
Now they were just chilling on a couch talking about life.
Mike came into my mind, "Do you guys know where Mike is?" I asked to Lucas and Dustin. "Not really, the last time I saw him he was getting punch in the kitchen" Dustin said, I nodded and said thanks.
I pushed past people who sent me annoyed glares etc.
I got into the kitchen, no Mike.
Went into the living room, no Mike. In the bathroom, no Mike.
Went into the hallway, no Mike!
Where the hell is he?!
I was now standing in the middle of the main dance room.
I saw something, something that I didn't want to see...
Mike kissing some girl...
He pushed her into some random room, locking it.
My heart broke,I started to cry, that's all I could do.
I spotted a bottle of vodka laying on an end table.
Fuck it.
I grabbed the bottle and chugged it down, all of it. I'm definitely gonna regret this in the morning...
There was a red solo cup, it looked like some more vodka. I grabbed it, chugged it. I was eventually chugging every cup I saw. El, Max, Dustin, Lucas and Will were watching me and obviously were getting fed up. I was about to chug another cup, before El grabbed it from me. "Y/N stop!" She said slamming it somewhere on the floor. "What's Wrong with you?!" Max said grabbing my face examine my tears. "M-Mike" is all I could choke out. "What did Mike do?!" Lucas yelled taking Max's place. "He's cheating on me, like r-right n-now" I said, more tears pouring down my face. "That little shit..." El muttered closing her eyes and squeezing her hands together, probably using her telekinesis to slap Mike. All of them had surprised, and angry looks. "He's gonna regret doing this to you.." Will muttered, gritting his teeth. Everyone agreed.
That night they all comforted me.
But we didn't see Mike the whole night.

So that happened last night, and now I'm in my bed, replaying the scene over and over.
I hate Mike Wheeler, I hate him.
I hate him!
I hate him!
"I hate him!" I yelled kicking the end of my desk. 
       After my little fit, the doorbell rang. I groaned and lazily walked down the stairs.         
I opened the door... it was Mike. "Hey babe!" He said in a happy tone. Does he not remember literally f ing another girl last night? Let me guess, he was drunk. "Fuck off" I said slamming the door. "What the hell, Y/N?" His voice said. "Did I do something wrong or??" He asked. "Yeah, you did actually. Do you remember, I don't know, sleeping with a girl last night by any chance?" I said, opening up the door again.
His breath hitched, and he looked down. "Baby im so-"
"Don't baby me! You cheated!" I yelled hitting his chest. He slowly backed up and his back hit the door, shutting it. "I'm sorry!" "Bullshit! Your not sorry you asshole! Were you even drunk last night!?" I yelled continuing to hit his chest. He let me do it, he knew what he did was wrong, but he didn't know What to say. He growled and grabbed my hands roughly, making me stop hitting him. "Look I'm sorry!! Okay?! It was a mistake! It was nothing! She was nothing to me! I love you..." He yelled putting his hands on my waist. I slapped them away, "I hate you" I said coldly, wiping my tears. He started to tear up, "N-No y-you Don't, you don't hate me, don't say that!" By now, he was full on crying. "O-ho ho, yes I do Mike, I hate you, now leave before I actually punch you" I said sternly. He sniffled, "Well if that's what you want, I'll leave" He checked out turning around and opening the door. Before he left, I said, "Oh while your gone, make sure to go and fuck another girl, asshole"

Oof this story gave me the feels while writing it, but uhhhh I hope you enjoyed heh

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