Chapter 21 - Forever

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On March the 27th of 2380, the family reunion was set to take place as originally planned. "I've never been to Lafa II before," Mack commented as the Cookie touched down.

"It's a pity that we had such issues with Yi'Imspi," Grosk said. He was handling communications at the moment.

"Yes, a native guide would have been a good thing," Daniya said. "And," she paused for a moment. "landing thrusters are off. The Cookie has landed."


Mack retreated to her Ready Room for a moment, and there was a message on her desktop unit, flashing. It was from Yarin. She gulped. It all seemed to be happening far too quickly. The header showed the distribution list. Aside from her, it was also Marty, and Captain Picard. She was momentarily terrified – what if Marty was about to lose his job, and Yarin was trying to warn him?

Cautiously, she opened the note.

To: M. Dana MacKenzie, Martin D. Madden

Cc: Captain Jean-Luc Picard

I attended a hearing at the Federation tribunal this morning, and presented the matter of Ms. MacKenzie and Commander Madden's statements concerning, and objections to, the Cousin Marriage Law.

The Federation government, as represented by President Jaresh-Inyo, declined to present any counter arguments.

Therefore, the tribunal moved to strike down the law in its entirety. The motion was carried unanimously by acclamation.

Congratulations, the Cousin Marriage Law has been repealed.

I would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate you on your expected upcoming nuptials.

Please feel free to contact me at any time in the event you have any questions pertaining to today's events.

Yours, etc...

Morgan Yarin, Esq.

Daniya knocked on the door perhaps a half a minute later when she heard a crash, and had them both transported directly to Sick Bay, as Mack had fainted.


"How are you feeling?" asked Majira once Mack came too, less than a minute later.

"I, God, I feel elated and overwhelmed, all at the same time. They struck the law down; it's completely gone. Marty and I can get married!"

"And you'll see him here, yes?" asked Majira.

"Yeah, I will. Can't wait!" She sprang off the Sick Bay bed and turned on her base stealing speed as she dashed out the double doors.

"I'll bet you a Calafan Lo that she and Madden tie the knot today," Daniya said.

"That's a sure bet." Majira turned around as Mack dashed back in.

"I almost forgot."


"I would like for you to heal me. But first take pictures because I want this to be remembered. I own it."

"Of course. Daniya, if you would excuse us, please."

"Absolutely." The half-Orion, half-Betazoid left.

Mack stripped down completely and Majira took photograph after photograph. "All right, I think I have everything," she said after about twenty minutes of taking pictures of every single indignity that Mack had suffered. "Why don't you put your undergarments back on? I can heal just as well that way, and you wouldn't be so discomfited."

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