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  (Monday) Keith P.O.V

Keith watched as Shiro once again tried to comfort Allura. The couple was sitting at the table across from each other, and Shiro was holding her hands.

"Look Allura, you are the smartest person i know. I'm sure you did fine okay? You studied for like 3 months!" Shiro said. Allura nodded, her white hair falling from its loose braid. Her face was flushed, and Keith could tell her palms were sweaty.

"Okay..but still. If I didn't get a high enough score-" "For god's sake Allura,you are going to probably get the highest score in the grade." Keith said rolling his eyes and crossing his arms.

Allura and Shiro were seniors at Garrison High and with their best friend, Coran the three had been accepted into Altea University. Which was even harder to get into than Harvard. Allura had always been the highest in her grade, Valedictorian and everything as long as anyone could remember. But she had always been super insecure about herself in every possible way. So no one was surprised when she was stressing over the SAT's. She had made Shiro and Coran wait with her to take the test until their last year in high school, even though they all already had been taking college classes. She wanted to make sure they knew everything they could. And the friends had all agreed. And now, she still insisted she had probably done something wrong. She claimed all her good grades had all been because of luck.

"Yeah..your- your right." She said looking down at her hands. Shiro lifted her hands and kissed them, smiling softly.

"I'll take you home in a second okay? I want to talk to Keith for a second." Shiro said.

Allura raised an eyebrow. "You still haven't told him?" She asked.

Shiro blushed and shrugged. He left the counter and tapped Keith's shoulder.

Even if Keith hadn't heard that he was wanted in a conversation with his older brother, he would have known from the small tap.

The brothers had always had that little sign since they were younger, when Keith was struggling with his sexuality and Shiro with his massive crush on Allura. They would always know when the other needed to talk.

Keith followed Shiro upstairs to the living room.

Keith took a seat on the plain gray couch, as Shiro closed the door. He sat down next to him.

"So what's wrong? You overwhelmed about your test too?" Keith teased. He knew his brother was never really overwhelmed, but was calm and usually always knew what to do.

"Heh, no that's not it. Actually I am pretty excited about these news." He said smiling but not looking at Keith.

"What is it?" Keith asked sitting back. The sun was setting outside, and the light streamed through the one window, casting the room in a pale pink and yellow haze.

"Well. About two weeks ago, Allura and her family suggested Allura should go on a trip. To Miami Florida, and of course she invited me and Coran. Which is great. So of course, I thought that was an amazing idea." Shiro said still not looking at Keith.

"Miami?" Keith asked. "Yeah. We are going to take a plane trip." Shiro said. "And we are going to stay in a beach house Alfor payed for." Shiro said. Keith groaned. Allura's father was probably the richest person he knew. He felt kind of sad he couldn't go, but knew his father would never let him go.

"How long are you going to stay there?" Keith asked. "About a month. We will be back in time to get ready to go to Altea, but a vacation would be nice." Shiro said.

"Yeah" Keith said. Shiro was right anyway, Coran, Allura and Shiro were the three most hardworking people he knew. Even though Coran was kind of wacky and really goofy. But in a good way.

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