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Adrien POV

The rest of the weekend was all but crazy. I 'gave a talk' to myself so I know not to kiss Marinette again. No matter how much I really want to I know I need to keep my distance. Word got around that me and Mari are dating now and I can't help but wish that were true. I know Chat Noir is dating her but I want to be more out in public with her, take her on movie dates, double date with Nino and Alya. I guess some things can't be helped

Right now I'm on my way to school, unable to get her out of my head. I let out a long sigh, mentally hating myself for hurting her to begin with then putting her in a weird situation for school.

Finally I reached the school I saw Nino talking with a bunch of our other friends, including Chloe. They were all just chatting as I walked up to them.

"-then he kissed her! I'm like, woah dude!" Nino said. I chuckled a little bit and he unfortunately heard me. "Adrien! We were just talking about you man!" He threw his arm around my neck and I let out a small laugh.

"God what lies have you told this time?" I joked.

The others laughed a little. "Other than smooch city with Mari nothing else."

"Hey guys let's try not to talk about it to much Alright? We barely started going out so we don't need people up in her face about it ok?"

"Of course! I wouldn't want her to be uncomfortable." Rose smiled.

"Thanks you guys." As soon as I said that I spotted Mari coming up into the school grounds. "Hey there she is now." I waved Mari to come over.

She saw me and waved back as she walked to us. "Hey guys, hows everyone?" I could see a bit of pink on her cheeks and I smiled softly. -so cute- I thought

"Eh could be better. I'm stuck watching my sisters again tonight." Alya complained

"Aw really? That sucks girl." Marinette said.

"Yea but what can I do? Not like I can just leave them there by themselves."

"Yea that's true. If you want we can go to the park together. I have to babysit Manon anyway, they can play while we chat." She smiled cutely and I held back a slight blush.

"Awesome!" She spoke as the bell rung for class. "Well looks like its time for class." She smirked slightly as we all headed for class, making my face get a look of confusion. -what was that smirk for?-

Once we all got to class everyone went to their original seats. I was about to sit in mine when Alya took it, making me ice her a confused eyebrow raise. "Shouldn't couples sit with other couples?" She smirked again as nino sat next to her, giving me a look that I knew said 'sorry dude, her call'.

I glared at him before heading up to the girls seats. After I sat in Alyas spot Mari came in and looked at me confused. "W-why are you sitting with me?" She asked with a blush.

"Joker and Harley Quinn are sitting next to each other so I'm sitting with you. Is that ok?" I asked with a smile

She quickly nodded and walked over to her seat. "I-it's Fine.." she chuckled nervously and I chuckled as well

"Hey! Who you calling Harley and Joker?" Nino laughed and I smirked. "Aw what's the matter Harley? Can't take Jokers leadership?"

"Screw you!" He laughed and I laughed back before the Ms. Bustier came in.

"Alright class, today we'll be reading about the small story of Jacob and the heartbreaking decision when it came one persons faith." She passed around the books, it was small but it held many words. (NOTE: this book is not real I'm making it up lol) "who would like to start us off?"

I was about to raise my hand when Marin beat me to it. "Go ahead Marin." She spoke before she sat back and waited for him to begin.

He cleared his throat before he started. Jacob lived in a small town with three best friends, Jessica, Max and Alex. They were the best friends they could ever have, they did everything together. They hung out at the mall, they go to the park on the weekends, they watch movies at their houses, and even take turns housing the pet they all love for a week before it goes to the next person.

"But one day there was a shooting at the school they go to, all their friends were trapped in the classroom but they were safe. Them on the other hand were locked in the gym with almost no way out. The only way was through the sky line through the ceiling and they needed to work together to get out safely. They climbed onto each other's shoulders before Jacob pushed to get the skyline open. The shooter kicked down the door and saw what was happening. Jacob managed to get it open as the man came after them. He knew his friends were in danger but he had no clue what to do."

After he finished most of us were on the edge of our seats. Before we could start talking the teacher clapped a few times. "Perfect. Now, show of hands what should Jacob do? So he climb back down to save them?" A few hands raised, including mine, Marinette's, Marin's, my sister, Alya, nino, and Chloe's. "Should he escape and get help?" The rest raised their hands. Ms Bustier nods and smiles. "So he knows he needs to save his friends, but he has no idea what he can do. What do you guys think he should do?"

Marinette immediately raises her hand and we all turned to look at her. "He needs to get back down and save them. A shooter is nothing compared to what we go through. We have super villains, they have a gun. Sure its dangerous but caring for his friends is the number one most important thing about being a hero. And that's how ladybug and the others do it; they strive to save their city because they know being a hero is about taking risks to do what's right for their friends and family." She spoke and I smiled proudly. -Damn How is she not Ladybug?? That was the most amazing speech I've ever heard from anyone here.-

The teacher smiled. "Amazing perspective Marinette. I'm not saying that's not a valid point, but most people can't protect themselves let alone others with something like that. If something happens to us during an akuma attack all ladybug has to do is get rid of that butterfly and everything goes back to normal, with a gun it can lead to death, and knowing death is near makes it extremely hard to throw himself if front of his friends even if he loves them more than his own life."

She nodded and sighed softly as she crossed her arms. "If it was me, I gladly would. My friends are my family. I care more about them then what might happen. Besides, maybe Jacob knows how to fight. It's possible that instead of gettin shoot he is able to disarm the man and call the cops to take him away."

"Also very true. I can see how much your friends mean to you if you'd be willing to do that for them."

Mari smiled before looking at everyone. They all had large smiles on their faces and marin was chuckling a bit, shaking his head a little. "You are the craziest chick I know sis you know that?"

"Yup." She stick her tongue out and we all laughed a little. As the teacher continues with the reading I leaned over to Mari. "I'd take a bullet for you too, just like I know all of them would." I saw her cheeks redden and chuckled before listening in on the reader, who was Rose now.

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