Chapter 14 - New Home

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Bella watched as Minttu walked with her head low, back to "The Location". Bella deep down regrettably cursed herself for not listening, because now she had to be with a old freaking disgusting dude to bring his fetishist dreams into reality.

Taking a deep breath and still looking down at her own hands interwined in front of her, Bella closed the door behind her, taking another deep breath. She slowly looks up at the man, spotting his black boots, with the white soil, next were the dark skinny jeans, his not so tanned wrists peeking from the black leather jacket he was wearing, and finally his face.

Boy the man was unexpectedly damn cutie, young, handsome and wow... that smirk.

"Hello sir." Bella cleared her throat looking into his blue icy eyes, the mop of hair on top of his head looking good with those eyes of him, his face completely shaved.

"What's your name?" His voice had this serious yet sweet melody.

"You can call me Bella, sir." She bites her lip when he nods, not replying his name or anything... oh well Bella was definitely curious to know who this man was, probably not a mafia guy for the way he was dressed, yet all that money...

"Why did you pay such a large amount of money for me? I mean don't get me wrong, there were prettier girls outside."

"Bella, you were the most beautiful I saw there. There's no comparison to you not there, not anywhere." he continued seizing her up and down. "Now I know why he's so obsessed with you." He whispers the last part, a small smile playing on his tiny lips.

"Thank you sir." She blushed looking down her feet, ignoring the last words as her teeth bury in her lower lip. "Well let's not lose time then." Bella smiles mischievously undressing her upper body pieces of clothing, her eyes glancing back at the man in front of her. "This is why you came for, this is what you paid for." Bella says seductively, his eyes roaming down her feet until they meet hers again. That man had stunning blue eyes for sure, and the way he looked at her only gave her more confidence to walk closer to him wrapping her arms around his neck until she could feel the warmth irradiating from his body.

"I didn't come for this." He suddenly replies, his expression as neutral as when she got into the room.

Bella laughed nervously, her hands sliding back to her sides "Excuse me, sir? What?"

"I'm not going to force you to do something you won't do. You're an extraordinary beautiful woman and you don't deserve this."

"But... You paid, for this..." she replies confused.

"Even if I could do this, I wouldn't, never. It's not that I don't want, I just... can't." Her eyes squint as if she was trying to listen and understand what he meant.

That sounded like rejection. He rejected her. Well another one.

Bella puts her jacket back, ignoring whatever he was saying now, glancing sideways.

"I have to talk to Minttu." He gets up worryingly looking at Bella who avoided eye contact with the man.

This was the second rejection in the same month, and it was pretty painful. It didn't make any type of sense because first he compliments her, and then rejection knocks the door.

Bella doesn't deserve this? Who is he to make this decision to her? Why seemed like everyone wanted to make decisions for her like she was a baby? That was definitely the most annoying part.

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