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(A/n big things are about to happen)

Jane PoV

Heidi has just informed me that Bella and the mangy mutt has left their honeymoon earlier and are on the way back to Forks, Washington. My brother is not going to be happy about this.

I walked into the throne room with my head held high, there in the middle of the room were my masters and my brother. Awaiting for my arrival back.

"Masters, brother." I greeted bowing, " come bearing some bad news."

"What is it?" Aro asked. He held out his hand to me and I gave him my hand.

He looked perplexed and surprised as he took his hand away.

"What did you see brother?" Caius asked impatiently

"It has appears that Bella and the mutt," Aro made a disgusted face," are on a plane back to Forks, Washington."

"What!" Alec yelled, "how? now, I cannot get my Bella."

"Now, now Alec," Aro said as if scolding a child, " you will be your Bella, just be patient."

"No!" Alec shouted, "we have tried your way. Now, it's my turn." He smirked and left the room.

I went after him, but it was too late. He was already gone.

Alec PoV (Short)

'If Bella won't come to me. I'll go to her' I thought as I made my way to the airport.

It only took a couple of minutes to get there, thanks to my vampire speed obviously. I got on our private jet en route to Forks, Washington.

"I'm coming my dark lady." I said as the plane lifted off.

Bella PoV

Nobody will tell me anything once we were in La Push. All I know is that, patrol is now hyped up than it ever was before. The boys barely got any sleep, they'd come back with heavy bags under their eyes, and they really smelt like dog. This had gone on for two days before we had arrived and Emily had ordered them to take showers or no chocolate chip muffins for a week.

They had literally knocked each other over, racing up the stairs to shower. When we walked in the house the next day, the boys smelt like roses. As funny as it sounds, it was basically the only shampoo and conditioner Emily and Sam had for now.

The boys talked with Paul about whatever is going on, since they wouldn't tell me. I decided to get my answers somewhere else.

Emily saw me sneak away and nodded in my direction. She knew I was going to the Cullens to get the answers I seek. I NEEDED answers. I NEEDED to know. I quickly ran into the woods towards the treaty line.

I made it to the line and noticed that a big tree had fallen across, I knew I could cross. I just pray that I don't fall. 'what a way to reassure yourself,' I thought to myself.

I hopped on the fallen tree on all fours and slowly made my way across the trench. I made sure that I had a good tight grip on the tree. I might have changed in physical appearance do to the imprinting, but the clumsiness will always stay with me.

I was half way across when my left foot had began to slip off the tree. I stopped moving and gripped that bark tightly between my hands. I thought I was going to fall, but then I realized I could slowly slide by body across the rest of the way; and I did just that.

I shut my eyes and slid across the tree the rest of the way, not trusting myself to opening them; thinking that if I looked down I wouldn't be able to look away.

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