Sunset Love

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Human AU: Nines is a human so I'll call him Conan. Gavin's still the same.

The sound of ringing screeched in Gavin's ears, as a fall figure stood in front of him. The tall male wore a black turtle neck and towered over him. "Cmon Gavin, it's not bedtime. Let's go" Conan murmured. Gavin soberly stood up with the help of Conan, as they walked through the empty halls to his locker. "What time is it??..." Gavin whispered as he opened his locker. "Ummm, around 5:00. Looks like you thought it was nap time Gavin". Conan chuckled as Gavin stuck out his middle finger. As soon as he closed his locker, Conan pushed him up to the locker. He held his wrists up to the locker as he looked Gavin dead in the eyes. Gavin looked down, as he felt Conan's heavy breathing against him. Pushing his lips into Gavin's, Conan roamed his hands around Gavin as he continued to look down, blushing heavily. "Stop teasing me you f-fucking prick" Gavin exclaimed. Conan let go of Gavin as they both continued down the hall. Gavin smoothed our his oversized hoodie as they stopped at his apartment. "Oreo! Get back inside the house!" Gavin yelled. A tiny black and white cat with hazel green eyes sat near the door as it purred loudly. Conan smiles at the sight. Gavin threw his backpack inside as he took Conan's hand to the roof of the apartment.

Steam burst out of Gavin's mouth as he held his cigarette near the edge, planting his feet down. Conan followed, as he watched Gavin continue. Rays of colours made an ombré through the sky, as the sun dipped behind the trees. "You are so adorable when you're up here Gavin" Conan smiled. Gavin threw his cigarette down below the building as he looked at Conan. "I love you" he whispered. He gently planted a kiss onto Conan's lips before moving his hands to his warm cheeks. Conan held onto Gavin's waist as music blasted through his earbuds. It was perfect. Everything felt perfect. It was like around Gavin nothing could harm them. Nothing could push them away from each other. Not now, not e v e r.

Word count: 374 (I realized that sucked but whatever. I might write a smut next so yeah, be prepared)

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