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I don't really celebrate Halloween but I'm sure some of you guys do. Anyway, this chapter is not related to the story but it's more about fun and banters, sexiness and well... rainbows! 🌈🏳‍🌈

The story will be set in modern time and they're all at Alex's house having a Halloween party, they're all legally old enough to drink. ^^


[I edited it because I forgot to add Alex's costume]


Alex's POV

Okay, first of all, I never expected any of this to happen. 

We were meant to have a small Halloween party with all the main characters from the book (breaking the fourth wall ^^) but now oddly enough we're all seated in a circle playing a game of Truth Or Dare.

Ken as a serial killer with a very realistic looking fake knife and fake blood, when I saw him this morning covered in fake blood he looked nervous and laughed it off when I asked if it was his costume for Halloween.

Furu as a ghost, he forgot it was Halloween so he last minute grabbed one of his spare white sheets and cut two holes in it for his eyes. Natsu is dressed up as a skimpy demon, with tight black shorts, a see-through black vest, a red arrow pointed tail and red devil horns headband. Aki, well he's just Aki, apparently, his excuse was that there was no need to dress up as anything uglier when he's already a queen, he also brought one of his boy toys too, with a collar and chain...

Haru is dressed up in a Totoro onesie looking cute as always, although personally, I thought he was going dress up as a flower or a fairy. Terrance as a sexy doctor, he made Sera nosebleed so she had to change from her angel costume to a pumpkin, to be honest, the pumpkin suits her better. As for me... I'm going as myself, what's more scarier then yourself?

"OKAY LET'S START!" Haru jumps up and down with excitement, "I'll go first!" he hums as he scans all the familiar faces, "okay! Ken! Truth or dare!" He points at Ken as he kissed his teeth, "Dare!" He shouts with a hint of annoyance.

Haru giggles with mischief, "I dare you to enter the closet and have 7 minutes in Heaven with the person you hate the most!!" The colour on Ken's face vanishes, "WHAT THE DUCK!!? THIS EARLY IN THE GAME!? I OBJECT!!" Haru kissed his several times with sass, "why do you object? Are you a chicken?"

Ken's POV

I will choke him, I will kill him, I will burn him, I will- "Ken," I looked to my left to see Alex's soft smile, "it's okay, if you don't want to do it then I'll do it." Alex says with determination, sugar! I can't let Alex kiss that booger! dang, this means I have to kiss... Him.

I look away from Alex's cute face and sighed as I stare straight at the one person I do not want to kiss, I walk up to the nearest closet which is literally behind the couch. I turn back and stared at his disgusting face, just one look at his face is enough to make me puke, "c-come here..." it was hard to even say his name, maybe I'm just allergic to him? "... Haru." I quietly mumbled his name but loud enough for everyone to hear.

Everyone twisted their bodies to stare at Haru's glowing face, "yay!" he applauded happily as he skips into the open closet which I opened for him, to be honest, I just want this done and over with so let's just hope he's willing to pretend to do this and stay still in the closet for 7 minutes.

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