Part 24

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I woke up with an strong arm around my waist. I tried getting out of Cayden's hold but he just pulled me closer. "Cayden let me the fuck go!" I said waking him up. "Nah I like this position." He said. "I gotta pee so let me the fuck go." I said then he let go of me while I ran into the bathroom. When I finished my business I went into my room. Cayden was laying on the bed sleeping not for long tho. I jumped on him. "Uhg what the hell!!!" He yelled but when he realized it was me he calemed down. He pulled me close to him and hugged me. "Cayden let me go!" I yelled. "No, I'm good." He said squeezing me harder. "Okay have it your way then." I pushed him as hard as I could off the bed.
"Why did you do that?" He said getting up. "Because I felt like it." I shrugged. I look at him, damn why does he has to be that cute?
"Let's go work out." Urgh I don't wanna. "Can we just watch movies and cuddle?" I asked with puppy eyes.
"Urgh you know I can't say no to those eyes! Fine!" "Yes!!" Yelled jumping into my bed. 

We just snuggled for the whole day while watching movies, it was nice having someone that understands me. 

I know I haven't known Cayden for a long time but I love him, love doesn't have rules for how long it takes to love someone. We fell asleep while watching beauty and the beast, call me childish but Disney films are bae. 

Suddenly we heard gunshots. I jump up from the bed and pull out my gun that I had in my bra. "Cayden stay here." I will not let him get hurt, that will be over my dead body.

 I run down the hallways, I turn left and see Rose laying in her own puddle of blood. "ROSE!" I yelled tears streaming down my face. I run to her she looked so pale. I crouched down to her, I held her body up.

"Rose don't leave me, I need you." I whisper the last part. "Don't worry about me Sky, I had a good run. I will always love you Sky, tell Tom I love him." Her eyes rolled back in her head. I felt her pulse, it wasn't there. "No! Rose, please don't leave me." I sobbed out, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn around to Cayden. He hugs me tight. "It's going to be okay princess." He soothed me. I sobbed on him. I lost my fucking best friend and it is all my fault. "No it won't it is all my fucking fault Cayden!" I yelled at him, trying to get out of his embrace. "What happened?" Tom asked as I looked up to see him, I stood up. He looked at Rose's body. "ROSE! Rose no, please don't let this be true." He had tear streaks down his face, he turned to me. "It is all your fault!" He snapped at me. "I didn't know this would happen." My voice croaked out. "If we never would have met you this wouldn't have happened!" He yelled pissed. "I fucking know it is my fault!" I yell at him . 

"I wish you we're dead!" He gritted through his teeth. "I wish I was dead too." I muttered so nobody heard it. "It should have been fucking you!" He charged at me and I let him. "Back off!" Cayden yelled standing in front of me.  "She's a fucking murderer! She deserves to die!" He yelled. "I think you should leave now Tom." Cayden said pissed. I was still a sobbing mess. 

"Fine." He said then turned to me. "I hope you know better than to go to Rose's funeral." He stormed off. I fell to the ground, I started hyperventilating. It is all my fault at first she is in a coma because of me, then she dies. Why couldn't be me who died? I deserve it I am nothing more than a killer. I felt my body getting carried. 

I fell asleep that night crying myself to sleep. I am going to get my revenge one way or another even if it kills me, I don't care anymore. Life isn't worth living anymore, everyone dies I am setting Cayden in danger, Emilia, everyone.

I am the one who's going to die nobody else, I just have to kill Marco...

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