Chapter 21

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"All you need are sweets and a collection of Disney movies." - Riley Monroe

I felt the warmth of the morning sun before I could see it. Without a second thought, I snuggled into the pillow next to me breathing in the cinnamon scent when a thought crossed my mind. My pillow doesn't smell like cinnamon.

I opened my eyes in shock to find a sleeping Aaron lying right next to me with his arms wrapped around my shoulders and my arms around his waist. I took a look around the setting that we were in trying to piece together how we ended up sleeping outside.

Then it hit me. Memories of last night came rushing back to me. All the singing, talking - everything. I looked over at Aaron and studied his sleeping form. He looked absolutely adorable with his black hair ruffled messily across his forehead and brushing against his eyes. I never realized until now how long his eyelashes were or how peaceful he looked when he was sleeping.

Then all of a sudden, Aaron let out a small yawn and pulled me even closer to him and buried his face in my hair. I froze, unable to move. And as if my heart wasn't beating fast enough, he started muttering incoherent words while sleeping. Now, I was sure my heart wasn't just beating fast. I was having a heart attack!

Words could not describe how I was feeling at this moment. It was as if a thousand butterflies burst in my stomach leaving me feeling all fluttery inside. I looked over at him again only to find him this time, awake. His piercing gray eyes were staring into my green ones. I could feel my cheeks heating up and tore myself away from gaze.

"Good morning," I grumbled, my voice sounding tired and raspy as if I hadn't had a drink of water for a long time.

"Morning," Aaron replied in a groggy, husky voice that could have made any girl melt. Somehow, his voice made my heart beat even faster and more butterflies to flutter in my stomach. Forget about the heart attack, I was already dead.

For a while, we just laid there in each other's arms not letting go. I didn't even think he even noticed his arms were around me, or if he even cared. Frankly, I never thought I would be so comfortable around a guy I haven't known for a long time. But here I am, waking up next to an extremely cute guy I just met a few weeks, and feeling as if I have known him all my life.

Then a feeling as strong as a truck hitting a tree slammed into me, and a thought crossed my mind. I like Aaron Grey. Not just as a friend, but more than that. I guess this explains why I'm always so comfortable around him, even though he annoys me to death. To be honest, this feeling scared me. A thousand thoughts were running through my mind as we laid there, but I was soon pulled out of them when a particular thought crossed my mind.

"Isn't it Thursday?" I blurted out. I completely ruined the mood, but we really needed to get going.

At first Aaron looked confused, but realization soon dawned on his face. "Crap," He muttered. Then we quickly jumped out of each other's arms, gathered our stuff, and ran to our cabins.

"I'll see you at breakfast!" Aaron called out before I was out of earshot.

I nodded forgetting that he couldn't see me, but just when I was about to shout my reply, I noticed that he was much too far away to hear.

When I burst into my cabin that morning, right away, the girls stopped their morning routines to rapidly fire questions at me.

"Where were you?"

"Weren't you hanging out with Aaron?"

"You should have told us!"

"We were worried!"

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