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The half-broken door rattled at the force it was open but he could care less about the door right now. All he wanted was to let his shadows out and let them play with the innocent vixen he saw earlier.


The name brought pain and anger in his heart. She wasn't supposed to exist in this world or another. Heck, she wasn't even meant to be alive after he greedily tasted her blood.

And yet there she was.

Looking as curious as ever.

Just as he remembered her face, a growl left his lips. How foolish she was to believe her own clan members. They were nothing but power-hungry warlocks who wanted his powers.

His shadows!

For a moment, he was distracted when his eyes racked over the broken house, which once used to be his home. How many years had really passed? He mused watching the spider webs on the walls, the broken window near the meeting room. He walked farther into the house and his eyebrow rose when he was met with the brutal claw marks on the floor. This must be the room where his clan used to summon beings.

"Everyone is gone." He spoke lowly the matter still new to him. His attention went to upstairs where he could see the state of the house more damaged. But nothing mattered as he walked through the familiar hallways and reached the room which held so many memories.

For old time's sake, he knocked on the thick wooden almost rotten door. When no one answered, he let himself enter the once brightly colored room.

Everything was the same.

He thought with a tight-lipped smile. The closet was still there, the large bookshelf taking half part of the room just like before. To his right, he noticed his large King sized bed. Though it was dusty, it felt like forever he saw something homey.

A sudden dripping sound of water had him whipped around to see where it was coming from. With difficulty, he left his room to see the garden. When he reached the garden, he let out a bitter laugh. Everything was dead around him. The pond near the rose garden was filled with waste and dirt. The storm a day ago might've helped a little to watch his reflection in the dark water. His dark eyes took himself in his deadly gory.

He looked like Darkness indeed.


Keira stopped to take a needed breath. She had been walking across the town border for the whole day. Now night light greeted her from far towns. Sweat formed on her forehead, her brow clenched in concentration. Any sound or a whisper had her gasp in surprise. Not that she didn't have a reason to be jumpy as she was avoiding people as much as she could.

"Do you need help with the luggage?" A sudden voice had her jump in surprise. Looking back at the person, she wished she didn't.

Warm Grey eyes held her eye contact, which had her breath hitched in alarm. Thankfully, she was wearing one of Gemma's hoodie, hiding her face so the person really didn't notice who she was.

"Madam, are you ok?" He asked again.

Oh, no, I'm not. I'm not Ok. Keira chanted in her head wiping the tears that were threatening to fall. But all she did was give him a nod.

"Then let me help." Her childhood infatuation smiled taking her bags in his hands. She wanted to stop him or maybe talk to him about everything that happened to her last night. Coen was all she thought about when the word love was mentioned. He was a gentleman every girl desired, including her.

But due to her position in the clan, she never dared to tell him about her feelings. They only talked in the small gatherings, the clan meetings and the last when her date of the sacrifice was settled. She could still see his anger towards the Priest if she closed her eyes right now. That was the only day he spoke to her as if she mattered. He was so angry that he left town a couple of days later and never returned.

He sent her a letter though.

Before the night of her nineteenth birthday also known as the day before the sacrifice, she got a letter addressed to her. It was from Coen. He apologized for his clan's cowardness. He said sorry again and again that it was unfair to kill an innocent person based on an old prophesy which no one knew would be true or not.

Now that she followed him to this new town, a small hope blossomed inside her. If she let him saw her face, would he help her now?

It didn't take her long to decide though as the next blow of the strong wind lifted her hoodie making her dark brown hair falling down her shoulder. The moment her eyes gazed at her companion, she froze.

Instead of the known warm Grey eyes, she was familiar with, his eyes now showed confusion and disbelief. Her own words caught in her throat.

What would she tell him?

"K-Keira? Is that you?" Her heart ached at the way he looked at her. It was making her uncomfortable. She never had this feeling when she was with him. It made her think twice about what she was going to say.

"Hello, Coen. I am alive, as you can see." She laughed smiling at him, watching his expressions change from shock to something akin to cold. Her smile disappeared. 

"I see." He answered to her earlier statement. He didn't look happy or sad which made Keira uneasy again. "Well then, it's time to go home."


What home was he talking about?

Keira didn't have time to think through as he was already dragging her to where she came from. That's when the threats of going back registered in her head and she let out a protested sound.

"I-I can't, Coen. They will-" She was cut off brutally.

The sound of a slap echoed through the place making her eyes widened. The person she looked up to just slapped her. Worse of it all, she wasn't even given the time to mourn as he grabbed her unruly hair tightening it his fist that made her whimper in pain.

"Never ever think that you have the right to call me by my name. Because of you foolish girl, we lost most of our clan members. Now you're going to pay with your life."

The same morning she was ready to pay by jumping from the cliff. But the same night she refused to pay for something she didn't have any control. She didn't cause the deaths. The clan brought it upon themselves.

With that she found the encourage to thrash into his hold. "Let me go this instant! Let me go!"

Coen didn't listen who was too busy dragging the wild girl in his arms. Keira couldn't believe this was happening right now. Was there no one she could trust?

A pair of dark eyes flashed before her eyes.

The strange man who saved her before. Who was threatening to take her soul no matter what. She should have been afraid. But oddly she found a piece of comfort knowing that she had something to live for.

Her very own soul.

So the next moment she pushed Coen, he stumbled into the road by the force she used. He was surprised but before he could recover, a dull pain formed into his shoulder making him clutch it in alarm.

"I'm sorry Coen. But like others, you've lost your way. I pray to God that one day you find your kind soul."

With that, she sprinted to the border of the new town. She knew that he couldn't catch her right now even if he wanted to. She touched him with a special herb Gemma gave her for protection. What she didn't think that she would use it on Coen.

Out of all the people in the world.

Her eyes turned teary again but this time she didn't stop them. One more person in her life just lost her respect and love. How many more until she's left all alone?

She thought bitterly when she reached the motel. Like an autopilot, she gave them a fake name, booked a room to stay the night, walked into the room and stayed awake all night staring at the dark ceiling.

How many more?



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