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The sun was as always giving a ray of sunshine, a new hope. But maybe some people were never meant to be having hope as Keira looked at the mysterious man in front of her.

"You were going to embrace my friend also known as death. But given the consequences, I didn't finish the marriage we should do it now, what say?" The deep, sexy voice of the man put her out of the trance and she gulped, closing and opening her eyes a couple of times.

Why was this happening to her?

Her confused mind was still hazy as she noticed he was full-on smirking now. Had she already gone insane? But how can her insane mind create this awfully handsome and absolutely swoon-worthy man in front of her?

She looked at the man in front of her dressing in a black robe who almost looked like his height would be 6′2. She had to crane her neck up to meet his eyes. And his should be sinful to have such hair.

She almost wanted to touch his midnight black hair which had soft carls hiding his right eye. At first glance, he looked like a dark angel. His equally intense dark eyes were making her think sinful things she shouldn't be thinking about someone she just met. Maybe she would've kept thinking if not a mocking laugh came from the man in front of her.

"Oh! For devil's sake! The first time I've got to marry a lady who turned out to be deaf!" He fake gasped clamping his mouth with his hands in an over irritating way which looked like the girls in her clan would do.

He wasn't there, right? How could this have happened? It does not even make sense! Was he really who she had a doubt he was? Thoughts were running through her mind but she still hadn't any answer.

"W-Who are you? And what do you want?" She meant to shout it out but all it came out as a horrified whisper. She was not even going to be surprised if she found out that she was talking to thin air.

Lord have mercy...When did she become such a sacredly cat? She thought with a snort.

"Oh. Look at that! You can speak. And here I thought I was talking to a deaf and mute." He clapped happily making her more confused by the time. Was he just insulting her or trying to kill her? And, unfortunately, she didn't know what to think after what went down last night. So after taking a deep breath, she glared at the offending man.

"You didn't answer my question. Who are you?"

And what did he wanted to do with her, she added to ask mentally.

But the man seemed like hell-bent on ignoring her plea for answers as his lips twitched into a grin. "Oh! Do I need to? Let's finish this matrimony already. I think I even have the-"

He stopped to look for something in his clock but it came out empty as the grin disappeared from his face, leaving a frown. "Oh well...I thought the ring would appear with the ceremony by its own. My mistake, now where were we?"

That deranged good for nothing, thank you.

"I don't know what you are talking about. There isn't any matrimony going on." She shook her head, trying to politely leave. "It seems you have the wrong person, sir."

He could only be a trick of her mind or someone from other clans. It had to be. That's the only thing that made sense right now.

But instead of letting her go, his frown deepened. "You forgot it already!? Oh, the melodious chants, the screams of ripping fleshes and the scary sound of your vows? Ouch! That hurts Keira. That hurts!" 

Her eyes widened in fear. How on God's name, he knew her name!? 

He deliberately took a step towards her and she backed away matching his advance. But before she could really fall off from the cliff, he wrapped his arms around her.

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