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"You are looking gorgeous, honey."

She wished she was blind, oblivious to the world.

Keira, which meant the little dark one.

But her pale contraction always clashed with her name. Like now, looking up, she was met with a girl who had lost the fire in her eyes. She was familiar yet farther from the girl she had always thrived to be. Someone was dressing her in a black satin floor-length wedding gown. Ironic, considering indeed it was more of a sacrifice rather than a wedding.

She didn't even notice her mother starting to murmur again when she turned away from the mirror in front of her to her mother who was crouching beside her. The atmosphere around her was too dull and gloomy, something a wedding didn't deserve. But everyone knew it wasn't a normal wedding. This wedding could change or ruin everything, past, present, and future, or maybe even a family.

The distant sound of the rain was a soothing feeling in her heart, which gave her the decision to bargain her fate again.

"I am not ready, mother. And I don't think I am ever going to be."

Keira's mother's brow furrowed hearing Keira's whisper. Taking her daughter's hands in hers, she made the girl look at her eyes. "Look at me, hun. I know you're ready, you can do this. This is your fate, Keira. No one can change fate, nor anyone has ever changed a prophecy. Just wait until midnight, you'll see what I'm talking about. You are going to be the perfect bride this clan has ever seen, OK?" Giving her a weak smile, she handed Keira some flowers which her daughter had yet to notice in her hands.


Lilies were Keira's favorite.

But now it felt like poison as they looked as dark as she felt.

It was full dark outside and Keira's waxen reflection stared back from the mirror straight ahead. Keira just looked at the commotion around her. Oh, how she wanted nothing but a loving husband and a loud wedding. But as she looked again, everything felt unreal, a hallucination which was about to burst any second.

"If being sacrificed called OK then yes. I'm OK! Why? Why me? Why I've to marry a man, oh no wait, a dead man who has been lying in a grave for God knows how many years!? A Darkness!" Keira's empty facade broke as she threw the black lilies from her hand, making all people in the room gasp. She loved white lilies, not black, which reminded her of a painful death she was going to meet soon.

Unconsciously her eyes turned to the mirror again to see the fire in her eyes has come back. Her dark brown almost closed to black hair which was shoulder-length, was now in a tight bun with flowers, Her equally dark brown eyes were coated with black eyeliner and her lips painted red. But her soul was not ready for this cruel sacrifice.

"You have a pure soul. Think of it as a gift. You are helping us, Keira. No one can find this kind of soul anymore. You are the last one. And for your know only he can give us the power." Her mother explained smiling tightly. No one needed to tell her how important she really was. Ever since she was born, everyone wanted her soul but not her.

Never her.

She could remember back when her friends used to learn spells, she was in awe of the things they could do. But when she wanted to learn, she was rejected to the idea of her learning spells.

Pure soul...She didn't think of her as a pure soul. Not when it cost her life.

"This is why you people gave me shelter? I am not your blood, so you don't care about me at all? Is that it?" Keira shouted jumping up from her seat. She could feel the anger burn her entire being as she glared at her mother's cold eyes. The clan will always come first for her, not Keira. Not anyone else. She wanted to scream in frustration. She wanted to shout at everyone but she already knew there was nothing she could do to avoid what was coming for her.

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