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August's POV

"Are you going to stay or are you going to go ?"  She asked and stood there waiting for an answer.

Shortly after she fell to the floor and held her stomach in pain . Blood started coming out from in between her legs like a huge rush .

I called an ambulance quickly. As I held her close next to me .

I was in the lobby waiting for the doctor to come out . Then the doctor that was attending her came out .

"August Alsina correct ?" He spoke .

"Yes sir ." I responded.

"You're partner seemed to have had a miss carriage." Those words kept replaying through my head .

I walked into the room where she was at . She still didn't know what happened. The doctor wanted me to tell her . This is going to crush her .

The room was filled with silence. It was there consuming us like an ocean .

I finally had enough courage to tell her .

"Baby ...."

"Don't call me that August."she said with a serious tone of voice.

"Baby you had a miscarriage." I finally got it out .

But why didn't she tell me she was pregnant. It enraged me inside so much .

Tears started flowing down from her eyes .
She turned her body to the right facing the window. The room was dimly lit . I had so many questions.

The room was completely silent.

"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" I broke the silence

"Because I didn't know either. I can't have any children ." I was even more shocked . How come she never told me this .

"What do you mean you can't have children?" I was slowly getting tired of these lies .

"Fuck ." She muttered under her breath.

" I can't have kids August. One time I was having sex I didn't want , and the guy went to rough where he ripped something inside of me . Having a baby can either kill me or kill the baby. And that's what just happened it killed the baby I didn't know I had ."it was pin drop silent .

"I didn't tell you because I was a ashamed that I couldn't give you something that you wanted . I didn't want to embarrass you in front of the whole world . I wanted the world to think you had a happy and healthy girlfriend. I didn't want to tell you because I knew you would leave me ." She broke down .

I was left speechless.

Next morning

Mary's POV

As the driver made its way to the apartment I sat in the backseat of the car with tears going down my eyes . What I thought was going to be a happy ending turned into a horrible beginning.

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