Margaret's POV

"Ringgggggg" the obnoxious school bell rang, the noise blaring throughout my high school, The Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Yeah, I live in Jacksonville, a city in the north eastern part of Florida.

I grabbed my bags as quickly as I could, and ran to the locker rooms. Let me tell you a little about myself. Well, my full name is Margaret Marie Lockwood Williams. I have 2 brothers, one 19 and one 16. I myself am 17. I have rowed for Episcopals crew team since I was in the sixth grade, and I pour all of my love and attention towards crew. I love it! I have won countless numbers of gold medels in regattas (rowing races) and am one of the best on the team.

I quickly stripped off my houndstooth uniform skirt and maroon polo that in which bared a golden Ralph Laruan pony and threw on my rowing spandex, a regatta t-shirt and my water shoes. I sprinted to the river bank and quickly joined in on the warm up. 20 minutes of sit ups, 5 minutes of pull ups, 10 minutes of push ups, and you run 3 miles around the track.

After all of the mandatory talk and such about having your water bottle and your aqua sock, I finally went to the boat house and carefully picked up a 180 lbs single sculling boat. I walked down the docks and carefully cainted the boat into the water. I gave a thumbs up to our coach and in response he hollered "Oh no you don't! I need you in the boathouse. Now. "

I shakily nodded, and lifted my boat, river water dripping down on me.

A million thoughts zoomed through my head, like, did I do something wrong? Did I not do the full 3 miles? Did I let the oars touch the ground while caring them? No. So what's up?!

I causionly places the small boat into two slings and headed over to the boathouse.

When I arrived I saw three other respected team rowers, along with 3 of the 5 coaches.

"I know you think you must of did something wrong, well you didn't. " coach Mason said. I released a grateful sigh. "you all know that you all went to the US national rowing camp, and we good and bad news. One of you is going to be on the 2012 USA Olympic rowing team, two others will not. " coach continued. My stomach churned, wanting to know if I'd made it or not. "Miss Williams, congratulations. "

That was all my head coach had to say. "Are, are you sure?" I asked nervously. "Yes. You won the main regatta!" my other coach, Coach Samul exclaimed. My eyes widdened and my jaw dropped.

I, Margaret Williams, am going to the 2012 London Olympics.

Louis POV

"Aw Haz, try not to miss me to much" I winked in a overly girly voice, as I left the den to our flat in London. "Boo I will!! Even though your just getting McDolalds, I LOVE YOU!" Harry replied in his regural voice. "Love you too Hazza!" I yelled as I opened the door. Bam! Right as I was walking out I smashed into Paul and our manager. "Oh, um hi Paul. Fancy seeing you here?" I said in an awkward tone. "Ha, just let us in and you can preform at the Olympics. " Paul said flatly. "PLEASE COME IN NOWWWW" I said in a funny tone.

The two men came in and started making small talk with Harry and I. "Lou, tell the boys to come over ASAP?" Paul whispered in my ear. I nodded and texted the boys.

To: Zayn, Liam, Nialler


love you, kisses! Lou

Shortly after the boys came in. "I thought you said this place was magic?! I SEE NO FAIRIES. " Niall pouted. Before I could reply Boss Man Manager interrupted. " ok. When I say your name, tell me your favorite Olympic sport. Go. "






"Either soccer, or boxing"


"Woman's beach volleyball"


"Either soccer or rowing"

"Well boys, would you like to preform at the closing ceremony in 3 weeks? You can go to whatever sports matches and meet whatever athletes you like?" Paul asked. "Yes yes yes!! " I said. "Great! Well here are your arrangements," Boss Man said to us, handing us each folders with papers and slips and such, "...and try not to get to friendly with the girls. I don't know how there coaches and trainers will react. " Paul stated, seriously.

Out of pure curiosity, I goggled the Great Britian Olympic team. I looked over the girls, and decided to check out Americas team. I clicked rowing and looked at the girls that qualified but weren't varified on the team. One particularly qualified girl caught my eye, what's here name? Ah, here it is. Margaret Williams. Lovely name, really.


OK GUYS. I really have no idea what Olympic sports they truely like so please excuse me if there wrong. I shall blame my sources if so XD. ALSO: THIS BOOK IS ALL FICTION!!!!

Ok love you bye.

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