Chapter ThirtyNine- I Can't Stop Laughing

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So there will be more humor in this one than there has been lately which I'm happy about! We've been lacking a really good laugh for awhile so I think this will be good...hopefully! Besides, Ren definitely has a funny side that he needs to show more often! :D Also I am dedicating this to The_Onyx_Wolf who has commented the last few chapters and has been a really awesome fan! Check out her page when you get the chance! 


Chapter ThirtyNine- I Can't Stop Laughing

July 26th: First Quarter

    Watching Haden take down that wolf in his own wolf form was kind of fun to watch. I could just sit back with a bag of popcorn and let them get at it for hours. I mean neither was making a scratch on the other so it was a lot like a stalemate. Not to mention this provided the perfect time for me to pester Haden about that kiss. 

    First of all he couldn't talk and second of all, he was too engrossed in the fight to come at me if he got angry. Seriously, this was like the golden opportunity. 

    So, dodging a few of their attacks that came at me I began with the questions bothering me. "Alright Haden, what I really want to know is what was up with that kiss you gave Amanda. I mean, isn't it kind of gross for you to kiss your own sister in such a way? Just wondering man because dang, that took me by surprise."

    I could tell that Haden purposefully brought the fight close to me, the wolf nearly taking out my arm but I dodged just in time. To be honest, I was kind of having fun with this dodging and not having to fight thing. Is that a bad thing to say? I mean pawning off all the fighting on my best friend had to be something that was "rude" in the imaginary best friends guide. Like something you really weren't allowed to do under an circumstance. Whatever, he had been acting weird lately anyway. 

    "Oh and something else," I started, dodging yet another attack. "Yesterday I thought you froze up just because you were seeing your supposedly dead sister alive and well, but now because of the kiss I'm starting to wonder if that's really the case."

    Haden didn't seem to take this comment well, totally ignoring the fight with the wolf and lunged at me. However, I wasn't taking it seriously, laughing while Haden attempted to do some claw work to my face. In our own little fight though we hadn't taken into consideration that we were supposed to be fighting an angry wolf here. 

    We soon learned our lesson when Haden was wrenched off me, the wolf looking more angry than he had been moments ago. Now the fun was really going to start and it was times like this that I seriously wished I wasn't bound to the moon. 

    Now under total randomness here, being bound to the moon sucks. Saying it sucks actually is really an understatement. Wolves - like Amanda, Haden, Lockheart, York, and Dylan - who didn't have to change under the full moon had it easy. They could change at will and still keep their sanity most of the time, getting to be all badass and whatever. They could even just extend their claws through human form and their fangs as well. It was like the perfect fighting tool that us wolves bound to the moon would never have.  

    Yeah, when you're bound to the moon you don't get a choice in whether you want to change or not. For Courtney, Andy, Joseph, and I, we had to be locked away in a room where we chained ourselves down and waited for the night to go by. Oh and the change was really painful, taking hours at a time before the full change. Then once it's all said and done, you have no control over anything you do. 

    So yeah, I would give anything to be a wolf not bound to the moon. They seemed to get all the cool stuff anyway...

    In my little moment of thought Haden had already pretty much taken down the wolf, ready to tear it's throat out when he whimpered and managed to scamper away. Haden was all for chasing off it but I stopped him, saying that we could fight him another time and we needed to go on our search for Andy anyway. 

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