30 - Alex/ Jen

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Whose idea was this weekend? He felt like he was getting hit emotionally from every angle. First after insisting he was, all set, his brother showed up with Jen. This was after he had spent half the time he was watching the Sox lose thinking about her and wishing she'd call or text. He was thinking about how she dressed to meet Sydney, but even more so the way she looked when he went in for coffee. Her legs that didn't quit in her shorts and her face beautiful and so natural without any makeup at all. He imagined waking up to that face with those legs tangled around his.

So after getting himself aroused by thinking about her all evening, suddenly she was in his house. He wondered if Avery thought him a fool because he felt tongue-tied for the first few moments. When the friends went upstairs his brother said, "Those are two beautiful women." Alex just stood and nodded like a fool.

Then she was gone and he was left with the lovebirds. Lord, they were so into each other it was enough to make anyone jealous. He couldn't help but wonder what the dress that Avery brought would look like on Jen. He assumed she needed it for Sydney's party. He wasn't going to overdress because he was the builder. Still, a part of him wanted to look good for Jen to notice him. He wanted her heart to stop the way his constantly seemed to.

On Saturday he was secretly disappointed that she was not around when he drove over for coffee. Only the Lilys were there. Rick had two high school girls both named Lily who were good friends. One lived year-round on The Point, the other didn't. He'd been told many years ago it was always Jen and Megan behind the counter and then Peter joined them. Megan worked weekends in season until she had Abbie. That was how Alex had become friendly with her. He was not surprised to see Jen working when they arrived for lunch the line was out the door which was great for business.  He was used to  the off-season when he could get his coffee and lunch without any wait.

Lunch was ruined when Jen's phone rang. He listened as she spoke with the man she was married to. He wanted to know how a man could cheat on her and let her go. He knew if he ever allowed himself to give in to his desires it would never be enough. He would never let her go and that was his problem.

He called again when they were walking back from the beach. She heard her greet him sounding much too friendly. "You can do it. I have faith in you... Definitely call and let me know... I know, me too... Bye," she ended the call. He was staring at her and she looked at him as if to say, what? He just shook his head thinking it wasn't over. She was fooling herself. As much as he longed for her, he couldn't get mixed up in a mess.

His resolve lasted until he saw her dressed for the party. Her dress was a blue that complemented her mocha eyes. It fit perfect in just the right places. He would have to be blind to not notice her and suddenly he wanted her desperately. He watched as she negotiated the room accepting accolades humbly. She often pointed his way and once or twice waved him over.

One couple was considering a house in Maine, but he stayed as they showed interest in her talents for their New York apartment. He heard Sterling's name mentioned and was reminded again that she would always be tied to him through their business. Another couple from Boston was interested in a house at Higgins Beach.

He said, "I have one that I've been considering selling. I can let you know. It's been completely redone, but hasn't had a designer."

"Perhaps we'll be calling you," she said turning to Jen.

Jen just smiled and he knew she wasn't looking for clients in Maine. He personally wished she would only work in Maine. He watched as she greeted more people. Some she clearly knew from her own social circle. Meanwhile, Avery and Tom seemed to fit in nicely.

Sydney came up to him and took his arm. She made her way around the room introducing him to everyone as her amazing builder. He smiled and tried to be charming. He normally felt uncomfortable with compliments, but he was proud of his crew's work. They circled around to Jen and Sydney commented that they made a great team.

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