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5 days later (day she goes back to school)
Frankie's pov
My mom has been treating me differently because of what happened. I honestly think everyone is going to shit stir about me.

I grabbed my clothes out of my wardrobe. Which was a black thrasher hoodie,black ripped jeans and white af1's. 'Hurry up Brooke!' My mom shouted from downstairs. Oh I forgot to say she's started calling me Brooke again.
'coming' I shouted back while grabbing my bag. 'get in the car' my mom said while unlocking it.
Maximoose🤪- hi do u want me to walk you to school?
Franks☕️- I can't mom's taking me by car :/
Maximoose🤪- oh okay see you at school :)
Franks☕️- cya 💓
'Get off that phone' my mom said while getting in the car. I sighed and shoved it in my bag. 'so are you going to behave today' my mom asked while putting the indicator on ready to turn. 'yes I will' I sighed.
'I think it is nice how you care so much about him and maybe it will be him you being home' my mom joked.
'nooo' I laughed. A proper laugh. First in days.
'or his twin' she winked. 
'Max?' I questioned while she nodded.
'ugh never' I laughed again.
'Whatever you say' she joked turning into the school.
'Have a good day and remember be good' she said while I jumped out.
'I will!' I laughed. 'Bye' I waved. That's when it hit me I have to actually go back into this hell hole great. I pushed open the doors and walked in, ignoring the whispers coming from Jayden and her 'gang' or whatever they call themselves. 'Frankie!' Max called running up to me. 'Hey' I said hugging him.
'I missed you' he smiled.
'me too' I laughed. 'Frankie!' Harvey called running over as well. 'hey' I said hugging him back. 'How's it been' he laughed. 'Hell' I giggled.
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'Hello class!' Miss. Alisa smiled. 'You are going to need to get into threes and sit at a table' she smiled while going back to her seat. 'Max wanna go with me' Sophie screeched that annoying high pitched voice. 'sorry I already have a three' he said trying to block her out. 'who!' She asked. 'Frankie and umm Harvey' he replied. 'it's fine I guess' she walked off back to Jayden.
'Awh max and his girlfriend' Harvey teased while I laughed. 'haha very funny' he said rolling his eyes.
The teacher assigned a project which consisted of making, a group presentation and a detailed description of Shakespeare.
She also said we could start in the lesson so we don't have much to do for next Monday (a week).
Me and Harvey grabbed the markers while max got some paper for the description. 'let's do a mind map!' Max said while we all agreed. 'do you want to finish a bit off everyday after school or something?' Harvey asked. 'Yeh sure' I replied. 'okay we can go to ours after school?' Harvey suggested while me and max agreed.
I started writing the title 'William Shakespeare' then put by Max,Harvey and Frankie in the corner. 'I got some information sheets to u-' *ding ding ding* the bell interrupted signaling home time. 'Okay class remember to finish your projects!' Miss. Alisa smiled. 'I'll meet you at your house I'm just gonna call my mom' I smiled.
On call
Frankie- hey mom can I go round to Harvey's to finish a project
Mom- oh sure we were actually invited to go round for dinner tonight anyway so I'll meet you there!
Frankie- okay thanks  see you in a bit
Mom- bye!
I hung up and waited for Max and Harvey to come out.
Max's pov
'I'll meet you at your house I'm just gonna call my mom' Frankie smiled while walking off. She's so beautiful. Me and Harvey tidied the table and walked out where we were stopped by Sophie, Jayden and. Taylor 'Hey!' Sophie screeched. 'hi?' I muttered. 'Wanna come round to mine!' She asked smirking. 'Yeh I'm alright' I laughed and tried to walk off. 'No you are coming!' She screeched again. Without any warning I felt another pair of lips on mine. What. The. Fuck. 'Get off of him!' Harvey shouted. 'oh' was all I heard before I looked over and saw Frankie walking out followed by Harvey running after her. 'I hate you' I snarled and ran off to find Frankie.
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