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Hey Guys! If you haven't been reading, Pregnant By A Murderer, then IM BACK! If you have, you probably already know what's up.

So during my time, writing Pregnant By A Murderer, I had no idea what to write for a fourth book to the Mafia Boss series, but now I do. I'm here to announce,


Daddy Dante is back and older than ever, lmao I'm serious, he's like 80 something in this book 💀

The book will be about Lucia, Leo's younger sister from Pregnant By A Murderer, and Antonio, Marino and Katherine's oldest son.

I hope y'all are just as excited about this as I am! 😂😂😂


ATTENTION: This is a Mafia Boss Series and Pregnant By A Murderer spin off/crossover. It can be read as a stand-alone but is not recommended as you'll be lost on who's who and inside jokes.

Antonio De Luca, son of Marino and Katherine De Luca and grandson of Dante and Savannah De Luca, was 25 when he met 15 year old Lucia Di Vaio. The little innocent girl that stayed with his family while her brother went to look for the people after her nephew. Antonio observed Lucia from a distance, knowing he shouldn't get too close to the underaged girl. Unfortunately when she left, she left her mark on him, leaving him scarred and unable to heal.

Lucia DiVaio has always been the quiet, shy girl who stayed away from boys. The girl that never met her parents, the girl that went shopping with her grandmother and wore modest clothing, and was kept away from the dirty things of the world. That's how her older brother liked it. Until she started living with him at 15, and met his girlfriend who slowly began to change her world. When a bounty is made for her nephew's head, she's sent to live with a family she's never met, for her own safety. During that time, she met the family's Capo, the Don, their mafia's boss. And his dangerous aura drew her close, and his possessive nature kept her near, even when she left him, they were always with one another.

Three years later, Lucia's off to college and chooses to go to New York to get her degree. This was not a coincidence especially because she chose to go to a college near, and stay with, the De Luca's.

It's now time for Antonio to permanently get rid of his whores, and let Lucia be his, for good. But of course, they've both changed in the last few years, for better and for worse.


"What did I say about that mouth of yours?"

"That it'd look nice wrapped around your cock."

"You listen to that, but you don't listen to when I tell you you're mine?"

"I guess I pick and choose."

"Sweet girl, you're mine. You don't have a choice."

The book name is Taming the Capo della Mafia (Domare il Mafia Boss), since PBAM's title is written in English, and De Luca books are in Italian, I combined the two in the title

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The book name is Taming the Capo della Mafia (Domare il Mafia Boss), since PBAM's title is written in English, and De Luca books are in Italian, I combined the two in the title.

The FIRST chapter will be posted on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31ST, 2018 (TODAY‼️)

Unfortunately, I won't be posting anymore than that for another week or two, as I'll be editing PBAM, and getting down some extra chapters for book 4.

But after that time I'll be back to posting chapters, EVERY OTHER DAY.

Those of you who have been with me for basically this whole time or whatever, know that I HATE when people ask me when I'm going to update.

If I was any other author, I wouldn't mind because a lot of authors post randomly.

But I don't.



In October I'll be posting on EVEN number days, November will be ODD number days, and so on.


When do I post?

Yes, I expect you to answer that.

Now that we've gotten that out the way, I'm really excited to start this book series again, so I'm warning y'all, if your memory is a little foggy or you haven't read PBAM, I suggest you start that journey now or in the next week.

Lastly, you all will see characters you've never heard of, this is because when book three was deleted and I had to re-write it and everything, I literally lost ALL encouragement to write bonus chapters.

If you couldn't tell.

So click on the table of contents above, click my profile name @caramellaqueen above, and look in my works to read book two.


I think that's it!

CaramellaQueen 💁🏽‍♀️👑💖

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