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"Mom, I'm home," I yell as I open the door. "And I brought a friend!" Annabeth looked at me, clearly surprised I said, friend.

My baby sister skids around the hallway. "Percy brought a girl home!"

"God, Estelle, just a classmate. I always help out the needy," I respond.

"Jesus Christ, Percy, did you seriously bring a girl home? Nice job, Percy," Mom yells as we walk into the living room.

"She isn't my girlfriend, Mom," I mutter, rolling my eyes.

"Oh, just a random girl you grabbed from her house because she asked you to when she was getting yelled at by her stepmom," Mom yells.

"Yup," I reply.

"You have a job to do at East River by the bridge in 30 minutes. You should go now," Mom yells.

"Bye Mom," I yell. "Bye Estelle!" I turn to Annabeth and grab her hand. I drag her to the garage and get into the car out there. "Porsche Carerra," I say, opening the passenger side door. Annabeth gets in the car. "Be careful. Don't get scared. We will be going fast," I warned. She nods, buckles, and closed the door.

-----30 minutes later-----

"In lane one, we have Team Dionysus, with Castor Dionysus to the left and his brother Pollux to the right, Castor in a red 2011 Chevy Camaro, Pollux in a blue 2011 Chevy Camaro. In lane two is Team Speed, to the left is Silena Burgard in a pink 2010 Pontiac GTO and Charles Beckendorf in a black 2010 Pontiac GOTO to the right. Finally, in lane three we have Team Porsche, with Leo Valdez in a yellow and white 2013 Porsche Carerra, and in the right Percy Jackson in a black and white 2013 Porsche Carerra. Grand prize is $5000 to the team whose members are across the finish line first. On your mark, get set, GO," the announcer cries. I slam on the gas and my car flies out with Leo next to me. I see Beckendorf race up behind Pollux, Castor ahead. "We have Beckendorf side by side with Pollux, Castor a car and a half ahead, then Silena half a car behind the fight for 2nd. Percy pulls in front of Leo and Leo follows behind him, Percy just a car behind Selena's." Gosh, slightly exciting. I look at Annabeth. She doesn't look scared as we hit 90 mph. "We have Castor in first, Beckendorf 1 second behind first, Pollux 1.25 seconds behind first, Silena 2 seconds behind first, Percy 2.50 seconds behind first, and Leo 3 seconds behind first as Percy goes to the right of Silena, Leo to the left. Beckendorf clears Pollux and starts gaining on Castor. Percy and Leo around Silena, Leo in front of Percy. Silena in the last place."

"What the hell is going on," Annabeth asks.

"Racing," I respond.

"Castor in first, Beckendorf 0.75 seconds behind first, Pollux 1.50 seconds behind first, Leo 2 seconds behind first, Percy 2.50 seconds behind first, and Silena 3.50 seconds behind first, losing ground back there. Beckendorf clears Castor for first, Leo clears Pollux with Percy side by side with Pollux." I turn my wheel slightly to the right and nudge Pollux. He nudges me back. "Some contact made between Percy and Pollux." I jerk the wheel and slam hard into his blue 2011 Chevy Camaro. Pollux flies off the road and manages to get back on, way behind Silena. "Percy sends Pollux off-road. Beckendorf in first, Castor 2 seconds behind first, Leo 3.50 seconds behind first, Percy 4.50 seconds behind first after that quarrel, Silena 7 seconds behind first, and Pollux 15 seconds behind first."

"What the heck, Jackson," Annabeth yells.

I hear Leo over the intercom, "Nice job Perce, I reckon Pollux peed his pants after that." I crack up. Leo gets side by side with Castor and nudges him. Castor moves to nudge Leo back, but is going too fast and sends him flying down the hill. I scream and slam the gas, flying up behind Castor. I smash hard into his back.

"Castor sends Leo down the hill, and Percy slams into Castor. This is getting interesting," the announcer states. I race up next to him and smash into his side hard. Leo flies up back to the race as I pull behind him and ram him again. Finally, I pull to the left of him and smash into him, holding the wheel to the right. I can feel him fighting as we take a right turn. As soon as we clear the corner, a rock appears right in front of Castor's car. His car smashes into the rock as I jerk to the left. His car flips upside down, hits the pavement behind me, and explodes, flying off the hill into a lake, and explodes, sending water all over, smashing onto my car, sending me skidding. "Castor is utterly wiped out, and possibly dead. Beckendorf in first, Leo 1.50 seconds behind first, Percy 6 seconds behind first, Pollux 10 seconds behind first, Silena 19 seconds behind first, and Castor dead at the bottom of the lake." Tears run down Annabeth and mine's face.

"Woah, dude," Leo says. I choke back tears.

"I didn't mean to, to get him kill-killed," I sob. I wipe my eyes and slam on the gas, flying at crazy speeds. I get right behind Leo and fly around him. I'm filled with a desire to win. Leo gets behind me and we gain on Beckendorf.

"One mile to the finish," the announcer says. "And a fight for the win." I get next to Beckendorf, in front, around, then cross the finish line, then Leo, Beckendorf, then eventually Pollux, then Silena. Bit no Castor. Thanks to me. I slam the brakes and stop, everyone behind me in the dead end road. I step out, tears blinding me. So does Leo, and Annabeth, and everyone but Castor. Because he is dead. I walk over to the podium and the announcer gives me the $5000. I give  $2500 to Leo and walk over to Pollux. I hand him my $2500.

"I can't," he mutters, crying.

"I insist. Use it to pay for the funeral. I don't deserve it. Use it to repair. I knocked you off-road and killed Castor. I committed manslaughter. Take it," I say, shoving it into his hands and walk to the car. "Get in," I tell Annabeth. She obeys. I drive slowly all the way to her house. She gets out. "See you tomorrow, and don't tell anyone about the race," I say. I leave before he can say anything. I pull into my garage 10 minutes later and get out. I walk inside.

"How did it go," Mom asked me as I walk inside. Estelle and Paul rush over to hear.

"We won, at a terrible cost. I WON it for Castor," I say.

"What happened," Paul asked.

"Estelle can't hear," I say.

"Estelle, go to bed," Mom says. Estelle walks away.

"What do you wanna tell us," Paul asks.

"Don't be upset. Castor ran Leo off-road. I slammed into Castor, we went around a turn, his car hit a rock. I committed manslaughter," I sob. Mom and Paul hug me.

"It's okay," Paul says.

"I'm sure you didn't mean to," Mom added.

"I gave Castor my portion of the prize money for the damage I did to his car when I ran him off-road, and for Castor's funeral," I say and walk to my room. I change and go to bed.

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