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As Percy said his final words, the school erupted into chaos and screams. Some were confused, some were bemused, some were outraged and some didn't care. The teachers shot spells to the sky and they silenced. 

''Hush now children. Let them explain.'' Dumbledore chided and Percy took a step up. 

''Okay, how many of you know about Greek mythology?'' All of Ravenclaw raised their hands, a few Slytherins, a few Hufflepuffs and a few from Gryffindor. ''Well, Greek mythology are myths about gods, heroes, their trials of defeating monsters, saving princesses, and basically what happens in every fairy tale. But, what is famous for Greek mythology are their gods. They have a god for nearly everything! There's a god for freaking cheese making and beekeeping for their sake! Now, what the gods are famous for, are their relationships.

Some have ended well and the mortals become gods or immortals but most of the time? Not so much. Heard of Medusa? Yeah, the scary looking lady who has snakes for hair and can turn anyone into stone just by looking at her? Yeah, she used to be a beautiful maiden, so beautiful, she caught the god of the sea, Poseidon's attention. The god Poseidon and the goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy had a long-lasting feud. Ever since her patronship of the city Athens. So Poseidon thought it was a good idea to be naughty with Medusa at her shrine. Now, Athena is a maiden goddess, Hermione was born from a thought, not through being smutty. So it is a great insult to do such things at her shrine. A god cannot hurt another god without waging war, especially between two Olympian gods, so she took it out on the poor girl. She became a monster with Athena's rage and was later hunted down by the original Perseus. What most people don't know is that monsters do not have a soul. If you do not have a soul, you can be reborn, you can be killed but never truly defeated. 

The gods have always been chummy with mortals. Do you think they would change their habits? Of course not. They continued to have offspring, commonly known as demigods. These demigods have a scent which can be sniffed out by monsters, and the monsters try to kill them. Our mortal enemy I guess. The stronger your parent is, the stronger your scent. Children of the Olympian gods are targeted commonly and have to go to a place called Camp Half-blood. There they train, preparing themselves for the future outside. Another place for demigods is a camp for Roman demigods called Camp Jupiter. All Greek gods have a roman side, like Ares and Mars, Demeter an Ceres, etcetera. This is where their children go, and the final place for demigods, more specifically, girls to go is the Hunt of The Moon Goddess, lady Artemis. Only maidens may join, and those who are willing to never have boyfriends, husbands, absolutely no guys! Though you get to be partially immortal, only dying in battle. Yep, That is what Cho, Luna and Hermione are. Hunters of Artemis.''

Cho, Luna and Hermione took that moment to lift off the mist, showing their silver hunting outfit of silver tights, sports shoes, tank top, a rouge hoodie for Cho, a rainbow jacket for Luna and a silver parka for Hermione. They all had a bow on their backs and a selection of silver and bronze arrows, though Cho had gold ones instead of bronze. The students gasped and whispered but stayed quiet. 

''Now, that is the life of a normal demigod, though Hannah and I are slightly different. Hannah is the only demigod of a Primordial goddess, the goddess of the earth, Gaea. This makes her scent extremely strong, that her mother had to live with her for a while to keep all of the monsters away, though one day when Gaea was not there, a cyclops attacked and she nearly died, though her father died instead, protecting her. She then nearly killed herself by jumping off a cliff, but her mother did not allow it. She let the earth swallow her whole and she has been sleeping for several decades ever since. Eight decades to be exact. I managed to wake her up recently. I... hahaha, I am a completely different story... I was and I guess still am the son of Poseidon, the one I was talking about earlier. My scent was also really strong until my second birthday I was attacked by a hellhound. My mother tried to defend herself with a celestial bronze dagger, a metal deadly to monsters. She was killed almost instantly, but in her dying breath, she made a wish. A wish that every god, goddess who has either no children, or children who appreciate them, to come to my aid, and be a parent to me. Three goddesses answered, Hera, Artemis and Hestia. I grew up at the hunt, where I met these three. I also saved and lead Neville and Draco to their respective camps, they were my brothers and best friends. We all knew each other and played every day! One day these five disappeared, I thought they died. Turns out they came here! 

Anyway, three more gods adopted me, Apollo, Hades and Persephone. I grew up with the hunt and since I was told to be dead, which hades said a lie to cover my death up, and Apollo said that he wasn't lying, I grew up in secret, and together with my adoptive parents. I was then forced to protect a boy, another son of Poseidon from monsters, every quest he did. When I reached sixteen, my parents told me that there was a prophecy with me in it. I had to defeat the god of time, the father of Zeus, Lord Kronos. I did defeat him but I somehow got his ability over time. To defeat him, I had to train, and I went to Alaska, where I met my other godly family member, Khione, the goddess of snow, who became my twin sister. As a reward of defeating Kronos, I got three wishes, you do not need to know all of them, but I did become a bloodily related son to my parents and brother to all hunters of Artemis, whether new or old. After I received my reward, the fates visited me and made me a god. The god of all.'' Percy finished. Fourteen lights flashed into the great hall and the Olympians looked down at Percy. 

''Perseus Jackson! Why has it not been known that you were a god!?'' Zeus demanded, his lightning bolt cackling in his palm. The students, including the teachers, skidded towards the wall in fear, though Dumbledore stood next to the demigods. 

''Calm down thunderpants! Geez, what got your clouds in a knot?'' Zeus glared at Percy murderously and frowned when nothing happened. ''Oh Zeusy! I'm more powerful than you!, Forgot to tell you that didn't I? Yeah, stronger than all of you combined!''

''LIES! Olympians! Attack!'' Though only Dionysus, Ares and Hephaestus took their stance. The rest stayed in their place calmly. 

''Hi Mom! Sis! Mother! Bro! Father!'' They shrunk to their human size and ran to Percy, their arms spread in a hug.  They jumped onto Percy and he surprisingly caught them. 

''Do you know how worried we were!? I'm so glad you're safe though~'' Hera cooed, patting Percy's head. 

''Umm, Mom...'' Athena hesitantly walked up to Hermione and Hermione bowed in respect. Athena smiled knowingly and lifted Mione's chin up. She hugged her daughter for the first time, and Athena was glad. She didn't care about the consequences of breaking the rules right now, being the cold and smart goddess wasn't' exactly comforting after all. Aphrodite smiled at Cho but frowned at the colour of lipstick she was wearing. It was slightly pink and apparently did not match her hoodie. Demeter became Ceres, the one who cared less about cereal and was having a heated debate on which plants were the best with Neville. Hermes and Draco had a mischievous glint in their eyes as they talked in hushed voices. 

''WHAT ARE YOU DOING! GET BACK HERE!'' Zeus thundered. 

''Honestly Zeus, shut up. The vote goes against you and you will never win. Besides, I can be the king of the gods but I don't want to so go back to your petty throne and pick daisies or something, much better than screaming like a girl who's friends won't go the bathroom with her.'' Zeus aimed his lightning at Percy and shot, but before it could reach him, the lightning disappeared into thin air. Percy snapped his fingers and the nuisance was gone. He turned to the school and knocked them all unconscious. The gods said their goodbyes to their children and Artemis kissed each of her sister's heads, telling them to keep an eye on Percy. Once all the gods were gone, Percy turned to the students. He muttered a word under his breath and took out his wand. 


The memories of him being a god were gone completely, it was only done so that the gods would come, and all the memories up until the gods came were kept, though from then onwards, only the teachers remembered, though only Dumbledore knew he was a god. The students woke up, and without a single doubt began to eat their feast. They talked about Greek gods and heroes, wondering what a life they must have. 

When the feast ended, the students retreated to their dorms. The godlings and god walked to the room of requirement, talking tentatively about the days to come.

All was peaceful, but the minds of a certain boy with emerald eyes were not. 

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