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•||Ch14: His love for her||•

•||Ch14: His love for her||•

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||Sania POV||

“Zain!” I screamed his name and sat up in a jerk. I looked around and breathed out heavily after realizing it was just a nightmare. The sweat was dripping down from my face and my heart was beating out of control.

It felt so real and seeing Zain laying lifeless made me tremble. I looked around for Zain but he was no where. I quickly removed the duvet and went in the washroom.

I washed my face with cold water and tried to tell myself that it was just a dream. I heard the door of room opened which made me fear. What if that was my abba? I quickly exited from the washroom and saw it was Zain.

I didn't waste my time and hugged him tightly. He slowly wrapped his arms around me and I broke down in his arms. “Please. Don't leave me ever,” I whispered and sobbed.

“Promise me you will never leave me,” I hugged him more tightly. “I promise I will not but tell me first what's wrong?” He asked rubbing my back. “I don't want to lose you,” I said and closed my eyes tightly when his lifeless body which I saw in my dreams flashed in front of my eyes.

He pulled away and grabbed my face. “You will never lose me and I promise you that I will never ever leave you. And I will never let you go and run away from me,” He said wiping my tears and kissed my forehead.

He took me with him near the bed and made me sat down. He moved away from me but I grabbed his hand and shook my head. “Don't leave please,” I whispered.

He put his hand on my hand and said, “I am here, Sania. And I am not leaving. Let me grab that glass of water for you.” I slowly loosed my grip from him and let him grabbed the glass.

He came back with the glass of water and raised the glass to my lips. I drank the water and slowly the tears again slipped from my eyes.

He put the glass on the table and sat beside me. He grabbed my face in his hands and asked, “Tell me what happened?” “They killed you,” Was the only thing I said and again cried.

“Shhh! I am completely fine. If someone killed me then I would not here with you. It was a dream. Just a dream,” he whispered in my ear and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

I flinched and hissed in pain when his hand touched me left wounded shoulder. He loosened up his hold and moved my shirt a little from the shoulder to see.

I looked at him in fear when he saw the bruises. He was angry and looked at me in anger but this anger was not for me it was for the person who was behind my pain.

I shook off his hand and tried to stand up but he grabbed my arm and asked, “Who did this?” When I didn't speak he became more anger and asked, “I am asking you something. Tell me who did this to you?”

I closed my eyes and turned my back towards him and whispered, “My father.” One by one tears slipped from my eyes and felt his hold loosed. He was going to hate me.

Slowly arms wrapped around me and my back pressed against the hard surface which was his chest. “This is why you ran away from your house?” He slowly and carefully asked. I nodded my head.

He sat me down on the bed and said me, “Please tell me everything.” I looked in his eyes and saw nothing but only love, care for me and anger and for rage for my father.

I narrated the whole story of my life back at village. How my father beat my amma. How the men treated their better half. How abida suicide. How my abba stabbed me. Everything. Everything I told him.

He picked his cars keys and pulled me out of the hotel room. “Zain? Where are we going?” I asked him in my shaky voice. He didn't answer me but kept pulling me with him.

He opened the car door and gently pushed me inside the car. “Zain?” I whispered his name and again he didn't answer. I was feeling scared.

He stopped the car after ten minutes and I looked at the building which was in front of us. We parked his car at the parking of hospital. He pulled me inside the hospital and in one of the clinic.

“Mr. Zain? What a surprise?” A woman greeted him who was the doctor. “Dr. Simi! Can please check my wife’s shoulder?” “Your wife? You married and didn't even invite me?” She complained and came near me.

When she looked at my shoulder she gasped loudly and yelled, “What happened to you? Zain you didn't do this? Right? Tell me who did this to her?” “I didn't do this with her but whoever did this will gonna pay for this,” Zain said clenching his fists.

Dr. Simi tried to remove my shirt but I shook my head and looked at Zain with red face. She laughed softly and said, “He is your husband. Why are you shying from him?” My face heated up more and Zain looked at me with a warm look.

Without saying anything he walked out of the clinic. Dr. Simi giggled at us and mumbled, “You both are so cute.” She created my wound and strictly instructed Zain how to take care of me.


“Sania. We have an award show to attend. After that we both will straight go to airport,” Zain informed me as I sat on the bed. I hummed absentmindedly.

He kneeled down in front of me and held my face. “What are you thinking?” He asked creasing my cheeks. “Will you leave me?” I whispered without thinking. He didn't say anything but put his lips on my lips.

He pulled away and rest his forehead on my and said breathlessly, “I hope this answer your question.” I blushed in deep red colour and buried my face in his shoulder.

“Zain? I think we should tell your parents. About us.” I whispered after few moments later. He pulled away and smiled down at me. “We will,” He said with a grin. I was nervous what if they didn't accept our relationship.

“Don't be nervous about anything. They will accept our relation.” He understood without me saying anything.

Mr. Zain Murat, I am falling for you but I am not gonna accept it in front of you so easily without teasing you.


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